By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE — Saturday evening’s schedule at Lincoln Park Speedway in the heart of scenic Putnamville, Ind. provided a wealth of racing action for the fans in attendance under beautiful blue skies.

Two extra features were on the slate after being rained out the previous weekend, creating a six feature extravaganza for the night.

Kenny Carmichael Sr. claimed the top spot to open the night in the UMP Super Stock make-up feature and Lloyd Walls brought Zeul Trucking, General JzLr Contracting, Crazy 8 Racing No. 1 bomber into victory lane in the second rained out A-Main.

In the regular evening’s card, 15-year old Braylon Fitzpatrick scored his first sprint car feature victory. Rob Fuqua held off the competition for a UMP Modified feature win, Josh Burton won his second UMP Super Stock feature at LPS this season and David Bumgardner did the same in the bomber division.

There might be some budding, sibling rivalry amongst the Fitzpatrick family as Braylon showed patience and a heavy foot in passing Ethan Barrow and Dakota Jackson with five laps remaining and then pulling away to the sprint win.

Fitzpatrick started outside row two alongside Kent Christian and behind the front row of Jackson and Barrow.

The action was intense throughout the feature as Barrow and Jackson were wheel-to-wheel over much of the first half of the race. Barrow was eventually able to build as much as a seven-car length advantage over Jackson, Christian and Fitzpatrick, who were all dicing for the second position.

The group slowly reeled Barrow in despite running in a tight pack over the bottom and middle of the track. Jackson went to the top in the second spot and pulled even with Barrow near the halfway point of the feature as Fitzpatrick snug under Christian for the third spot.

A caution flag re-set the field with Barrow, Jackson, Fitzpatrick, Christian, Shane Hollingsworth, Wes McIntyre and Jonathan Vennard up front along with Seth Parker and last week’s winner, Jon Sciscoe.

On the re-start, Sciscoe’s night concluded with mechanical problems and Barrow jumped to the bottom to hold onto the point. Jackson held onto second for several more laps, but drifted up the track in turn two and provided an opening for Fitzpatrick, who ducked under and into second down the backstretch.

Fitzpatrick wasn’t going to stay in second long as he made his move for the lead off turn three and took the lead off of turn four with five laps left. From there, he began to quickly open up space ahead of Barrow in second.

Hollingsworth was able to get past Jackson for the third spot with Christian finishing fifth. McIntyre took sixth, Vennard was seventh ahead of Bub Cummings, Parker and Kyle Cummins.

Fitzpatrick’s first win came in his First Financial Bank, Indy Race Parts, Lucas Oil, Spike-sponsored No. 3 sprinter.

For Rob Fuqua, the early portion of the UMP Modified season has been a struggle with mechanical woes, but on Saturday night those problems were firmly in the rearview as he went wheel-to-wheel with Brian Hayden for the duration of the A-Main and came out victorious in the AFCO, S&J Rentals, Lambert’s Towing, Fuqua Transfer, Rocket, No. 3f.

Fuqua started alongside Hayden on the front row with Brad Barrow and Roger Cary in row two.

Front the opening green, Fuqua and Hayden were battling side-by-side ahead of a spirited tussle for third between a group of competitors that included Cary, Barrow, Chris Brewer, Carlos Bumgardner, CJ Bryan, Wes McClara and Paul Bumgardner.

Lap after lap, Fuqua and Hayden were locked in competition for that top spot as Cary and Barrow chased. As Fuqua grabbed the lead, Cary pulled off the track as the leaders got into lapped traffic.

Fuqua took the white flag and held onto the top spot for a victory ahead of Hayden, Barrow, Carlos Bumgardner, Paul Bumgardner, Brewer, Kenny Carmichael Sr., Ryan Thomas, Craig Conyer and Brian Yeatman.

In the UMP Super Stock main event, Josh Burton led wire-to-wire from his pole position to claim his second LPS feature win of the season. Burton was challenged throughout by a group that included Cullen Goodman, Doug McCullough, Roy Bruce Jr. and make-up feature winner, Kenny Carmichael Sr.
Burton took on all challengers and used the bottom of the track to full extent to pick up the victory ahead of Goodman, McCullough, Carmichael, Steve Peeden, Travis Heramb, Phil VanSant, Slick Griffin, Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Paul Wright.

In the bomber feature, David Bumgardner and Corey Gregory nearly went the distance with a side-by-side fight for the lead. The pair duked it out, racing cleanly despite competing wheel-to-wheel for the majority of the feature.

Gregory edged in front several times, but Bumgardner had an answer each time.

Josh Foxworthy joined the fray during the final laps and was able to edge past Gregory down the stretch as make-up feature winner, Lloyd Walls moved up from 10th to place fourth ahead of Scott Tidwell. Tony Tidwell placed sixth ahead of Josh Fagg, JR Watkins, Dale Lewis and Josh Settles.
Bumgardner’s second win came in the Pizza King, Wood Trucking, Cyclone Custom Products, Bumgardner’s Auto and Truck Repair sponsored No. 5.
Next week will be a regular schedule of sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers. General admission is $13 with kids 10-and-under free.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Make-up features
UMP Super Stock Feature

1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Kris Starks, 3. Roy Bruce Jr., 4. Cullen Goodman, 5.

Brett Smedley, 6. Doug McCullough, 7. Justin Davis, 8. Steve Peeden, 9. Josh Burton, 10. Travis Heramb, 11. Slick Griffin, 12. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 13.

Randy Newport, 14. Doug Bryant Jr., 15. John Massie, DNS Brandon Roundtree, DNS Mike Staggs, DNS Chris Hillman, DNS Jeremy Stierwalt

Bomber Feature
1. Lloyd Walls, 2. David Bumgardner, 3. Corey Gregory, 4. Scott Tidwell, 5. Josh

Fagg, 6. JR Watkins, 7. Bob Farris, 8. Dale Lewis, 9. Sean Yakel, 10. Christian York, 11. Jeff Cast, 12. Kevin Kemp, 13. Chad Nolte, 14. Josh Presley, 15. Josh Foxworthy, 16. Megan Cavaness, 17. David Wallen, DNS Michael Thompson, DNS Michael Ricketts, DNS Bryan Sharp, DNS Gordan Parsons Jr.

Sprint Car Feature
1. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 2. Ethan Barrow, 3. Shane Hollingsworth, 4. Dakota Jackson, 5. Kent Christian, 6. Wes McIntyre, 7. Jonathan Vennard, 8. Bub Cummings, 9. Seth Parker, 10. Kyle Cummins, 11. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 12. Logan Jarrett, 13. Keaton Dobbs, 14. Chase Briscoe, 15. Joe Ligouri, 16. Chad Davenport, 17. Kevin Studley, 18. Tyler Waltz, 19. Joe Whisler, 20. Jon Sciscoe

UMP Modifed Feature
1. Rob Fuqua, 2. Brian Hayden, 3. Brad Barrow, 4. Carlos Bumgardner, 5. Paul Bumgardner, 6. Chris Brewer, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. Ryan Thomas, 9. Craig Conyer, 10. Brian Yeatman, 11. Schuyler Nahre, 12. Josh Boller, 13. Jimmy Hayden, 13. Jimmy Hayden, 14. CJ Bryan, 15. Garry Ricketts, 16. John Hipps, 17.
Roger Cary, 18. Larry Lambert, 19. Wes McClara, 20. Chris Kerl

UMP Super Stock Feature
1. Josh Burton, 2. Cullen Goodman, 3. Doug McCullough, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Steve Peeden, 6. Travis Heramb, 7. Phil VanSant, 8. Slick Griffin, 9. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 10. Paul Wright, 11. Roy Bruce Jr., 12. Randy Newport, 13. Doug Bryant Jr., 14. Jamie Adams, 15. Justin Davis, 16. Brett Smedley, 17. Bill Hart,

18. Kris Starks

Bomber feature
1. David Bumgardner, 2. Josh Foxworthy, 3. Corey Gregory, 4. Lloyd Walls, 5.
Scott Tidwell, 6. Tony Tidwell Jr., 7. Josh Fagg, 8. JR Watkins, 9. Dale Lewis, 10. Josh Settles, 11. Chad Nolte, 12. Kevin Kemp, 13. Bob Farris, 14. Sean Yakel, 15. Bob Roark, 16. Jeff Cast, 17. Megan Cavaness, 18. Kenny Treash, 19.
David Wallen, 20. Josh Presle