Putnamville, INBy CAREY FOX
Times Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE — Mother Nature finally relinquished her soggy grip around the mid-state and Lincoln Park Speedway completed its first full show in more than a month.

For Kyle Cummins, the wait was well worth it as the pilot of the Vincennes University, Greenwell Auto Body, Tim Mason ReMax sponsored No. 3c captured the sprint car victory over Casey Shuman, Shane Cottle and Jon Stanbrough.

Heat race wins went to Seth Parker, Cottle, Shuman and Cummins, which set the field for an exciting feature that saw Stanbrough starting back in 12th position with Shuman on the pole.

Once the green flag dropped, Cottle jumped to the point and began to build himself a sizable advantage over the first half of the race. Shuman, Cummins and Jeff Bland Jr. were in tow along with Nick Drake and Tyler Courtney.
A flip by Josh Clemons in turn one brought out the second red flag following a lap one tumble by Seth Parker. Both drivers climbed from their cars under their own power.

With the field re-set, Cottle continued to lead, but Shuman had gathered him in and began to challenge for the top spot near the midway point of the 25-lap feature. Shuman finally made a pass stick and a lap later Cummins took over the second spot. The pair would duke it out down the stretch as Cottle once again found his groove on the high side and closed the gap behind the leaders.

With just a couple laps left, Cummins made his own move to the lead and was able to hold on to it despite a determined battle from Shuman. Cottle had to settle for third with Stanbrough making it up to fourth ahead of Drake. Cummins celebrated his victory in the family owned machine also sponsored by Cummins Racing Engines and Pass Through Archery.

In the UMP Modified event, there was slightly less dramatics as Paul Bumgardner got by Larry Lambert early on and led the rest of the way on a lightning fast racing surface. Brian Hayden came forward from 12th to challenge Bumgardner late, but ran out of laps to get any closer over the last several circuits.

Carlos Bumgardner Sr. started on the pole after winning his heat race, but lost a wheel early on and retired to the pits. Bumgardner jumped to the high side and pulled away as Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Hayden door-to-door for the third spot ahead of Lambert and Randy Shuman.

Bumgardner finished off the popular win as Hayden fought off Shuman, Carmichael Jr. and Brad Barrow, who came forward from 14th to fifth.

Doug McCullough and Kenny Carmichael Sr. put on a great show for the crowd in the UMP Super Stock main event, but McCullough covered the field for the victory ahead of Carmichael, Mike Staggs, Steve Peeden and Dan McCullough.

Scott Carrington picked up a heat win and started in the second row, but would be sidelined by a lapped car early on, but battled back to sixth at the checkered flag. Up front however, Carmichael and McCullough were locked in a duel for the point, but McCullough was up to the task despite a late caution.

With six laps remaining, the yellow flew and set up a dash for the checkers as Carmichael was able to show his nose underneath McCullough, but couldn’t gain quite enough momentum out of turn four coming to the finish line.

In the bomber feature, Carlos Bumgardner Sr. had the pole spot in his first start in the class. Bob Farris quickly moved forward from sixth to take over the lead briefly from Tim Wright as Josh Foxworthy and Justin Minardo were side-by-side for fourth ahead of Ron Smith.

At the halfway point, Wright had the lead ahead of Farris and Foxworthy, but would be forced to the pits to relinquish the lead to Foxworthy. Josh Settles was also a front runner, but came to a stop to re-set the field with 11 laps in the books.

After the final re-start, Foxworthy worked his way into the lead and wouldn’t give it up the remainder of the way as Farris claimed the runner-up spot ahead of Minardo, Blake Cross and Harry Shepherd.

Next week will feature the Midwest Sprint Car Series along with modifieds, super stocks and bombers.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Kyle Cummins, 2. Casey Shuman, 3. Shane Cottle, 4. Jon Stanbrough, 5. Nick Drake, 6. Jarett Andretti, 7. Wes McIntyre, 8. CJ Leary, 9. Brent Beauchamp, 10. Chad Boespflug, 11. Brian Hayden, 12. Ryan Pace, 13. Dakota Jackson, 14. Bradley Sterrett, 15. Brandon Mattox, 16. Chris Babcock, 17. Jeff Bland Jr., 18. Tyler Courtney, 19. Joshua Clemons, 20. Seth Parker
B-main winner: Hayden
Heat winners: Cummins, Parker, Cottle, Shuman

UMP Modified feature
1. Paul Bumgardner, 2. Brian Hayden, 3. Randy Shuman, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Brad Barrow, 6. Larry Lambert, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. John Hipps, 9. Jake Humphrey, 10. Dan Lewellen, 11. David Bumgardner, 12. Scott Ricketts, 13. Michael Kettnich, 14. Jeff Deckard, 15. Wayne Newlin, 16. Stephen Schnaft, 17. Andrew Auler, 18. Ryan Thomas, 19. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 20. Chad Combs
B-main winner: Barrow
Heat winners: Bumgardner Sr., Lambert, Kettnich

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Doug McCullough, 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Mike Staggs, 4. Steve Peeden, 5. Dan McCullough, 6. Scott Carrington, 7. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 8. Josh Fagg, 9. Josh McDaniel, 10. Harold Grayless, 11. Tyler Loughmiller, 12. Jeff Shepherd, 13. Will Barnett, 14. C.J. Bryan, 15. Jason Massie, 16. Kenny Fields, 17. JR Watkins
Heat winners: Staggs, Carrington

Bomber feature
1. Josh Foxworthy, 2. Bob Farris, 3. Justin Minardo, 4. Blake Cross, 5. Harry Shepherd, 6. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 7. A.J. Smith, 8. Ron Smith, 9. Scott Tidwell, 10. Damon Harrell, 11. Kevin Kemp, 12. Mark Dickerson, 13. Cody Wright, 14. Tony Tidwell Sr., 15. Josh Settles, 16. Jeff Beggs, 17. Tim Wright, 18. Eric Miller, 19. Doug McCullough, 20. Jerry Hutto
B-main winner: Shepherd
Heat winners: Bumgardner Sr., Smith, Foxworthy