By CAREY FOX Times Sports Editor PUTNAMVILLE – Greencastle’s Paul Bumgardner captured his second UMP Modified feature win of the season andSteve Peeden did the same in the UMP Super Stock class. However, for Clinton’s Kyle Laughlin, it was win number one on an evening that paid off handsomely in a $1,000-to-win open rules run for the checkered flag in the bomber feature. Also on hand were the UMRA TQ Midgets and season points leader Nick Speidel added some comfort room to his lead by claiming the feature victory on Saturday at Lincoln Park Speedway.
Thirty UMP Modifieds were on hand at Lincoln Park Speedway as Wes McClara, Randy Shuman and Kevin Gummere were heat race winners and Kyle Herbert scored the B-main victory.

Bumgardner started on the pole position for his modified race, but had to hold off Shuman after a re-start with just four laps remaining. The Putnam County defending track champ scored the win sponsored by Cardinal Contracting, Durabuilt, Dairy Castle, S&B Auto Brokers, Tri-County Plumbing and Lightning Chassis.

In the main event, Bumgardner started up front and stayed exactly there as his front row counterpart, Michael Kettnich, spun on the opening circuit.

After the re-start, Bumgardner dropped the hammer as Shuman gave chase. Five laps into the A-main, McClara held down the third spot despite a spirited battle from Kenny Carmichael Sr., who was running the top line. Carmichael, the state UMP state points leader, dueled with McClara for the better part of 10 laps before a caution waved for Kenny Carmichael Jr., who came to a stop.

With five laps left in the feature, Bumgardner took the green flag ahead of Shuman and held down the point to claim his second victory of the rain soaked season ahead of Shuman and Carmichael Sr. McClara came home fourth ahead of Chad Combs.

The bomber class grabbed a center stage despite being the final main of the night. With more than triple the amount of money on the line for the victor’s share, there was a battle on hand for the 26-car starting field.

Laughlin started on the pole, but had his hands full throughout with Doug McCullough early and the duo of Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Carlos Bumgardner Sr. down the stretch. However, with both drivers in hot pursuit, neither was able to make the final charge to the front. Bumgardner tried the low line on a re-start at the end of the race, but wasn’t able to get around Laughlin, who made win number one count for the sizable pay day.

Laughlin worked his way through lapped traffic while building his lead over the second half of the 20-lap feature and Carmichael Jr. and Bumgardner were locked in side-by-side battle for a chance to upgrade a runner-up spot with a challenge at the win. McCullough charged closely behind the top-three. At the finish line, Laughlin claimed the big payday after securing the victory with Bumgardner Sr., Carmichael Jr., McCullough and Dean Baker wrapping the top-five.

In the UMP Super Stock feature, Peeden parlayed his heat race win into a spot outside the front row. He would charge into the lead off the start and remained out front despite challenges from McCullough and Carmichael Jr.

Peeden, Carmichael Sr., and McCullough won their heat races to earn a strong starting position and Mike Staggs won the B-main. Once the green flag dropped, Peeden dove to the bottom of the track and ran a flawless race to stay up front despite the constant presence of McCullough on his bumper. Peeden would run into heavy lapped traffic with several circuits remaining and a spin by Michael Beatty set up a last dash for cash on a green-white-checkered finish.

Peeden got a good re-start and held off McCullough, Carmichael Jr., Scott Carrington and C.J. Bryan. In the Midwest TQ Racing League event, Rick Robinson and Bobby Walton started up front with Jon Steed and Dustin Wheeldon in row number two.

Over the early laps, it was a fight for the lead with Walton heading the field and both Robinson and Wheeldon duking it out for second. However, Robinson would end up tacking a tumble after wheels touched heading through turn three.

On the re-start, Speidel began to make his move as he jumped to second on the start and, a lap later, moved into the lead as he got past Walton as Wheeldon headed Kevin Blue a nd Chad Hankins. However, once Speidel claimed the top spot, he began to build upon his lead in the Joe Speidel-owned No. 21 machine.

Despite a late caution flag, Speidel managed to leave the field behind as Walton secured the runner-up spot followed by Wheeldon, Blue and Logan Arnold.

The TQ’s will return on Thursday along with the return of USAC “Indiana Sprint Week” at Lincoln Park Speedway with the UMP Modifieds on hand as well.

UMP Modified feature
1. Paul Bumgardner, 2. Randy Shuman, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Wes McClara, 5. Chad Combs, 6. Dan Lewellen, 7. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 8. Brian Hayden, 9. Jake Humphrey, 10. Gary Herbert, 11. Scott Ricketts, 12. Elijah Heminger, 13. Kyle Herbert, 14. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 15. Jeff Deckard, 16. Larry Lambert, 17. Aaron Zellers, 18. Mike Staggs, 19. Michael Kettnich, 20. Kevin Gummere

B-main winner: Kyle Herbert

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Steve Peeden, 2. Doug McCullough, 3. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 4. Scott Carrington, 5. C.J. Bryan, 6. Jacob Wright, 7. Mike Staggs, 8. Travis Heramb, 9. Josh Fagg, 10. Tom Tankersly, 11. Chad Nolte, 12. Harold Grayless, 13. Michael Beatty, 14. Gene Barnett, 15. JR Watkins, 16. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 17. Josh McDaniel, 18. Eric Bowman, 19. Jason Massie, 20. Tyler Loughmiller

B-main winner: Mike Staggs

Bomber Feature
1. Kyle Laughlin, 2. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 3. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 4. Doug McCullough, 5. Dean Baker, 6. Joel Shores Jr., 7. Tony Tidwell Jr., 8. David Wallen, 9. Daniel Foxworthy, 10. Ron Smith, 11. Blake Cross, 12. Mark Dickerson, 13. Kyle Krupa, 14. DJ Smiley, 15. Josh Foxworthy, 16. Tom Tidwell, 17. Scott Hufford, 18. Mike Fisher Jr., 19. Harry Shepherd, 20. Tim Wright, 21. Dennis Morgan, 22. Scott Tidwell, 23. Jack Hatton, 24. Brad Neese, 25. Jack Campbell, 26. Damon Harrell

B-main winner: David Wallen

MTQRL Feature
1. Nick Speidel, 2. Bobby Walton, 3. Dustin Wheeldon, 4. Kevin Blue, 5. Logan Arnold, 6. Chad Hankins, 7. Brandon Ladyman, 8. Dalton Miller, 9. Brett Hankins, 10. Tate Martz, 11. Dennis Atchley, 12. Tristen Maggart, 13. Rex Griffin, 14. Dakota Megel, 15. Aaron Purcell, 16. Ron Hamm, 17. Rick Robinson, 18. Kenny Byrge, 19. Jon Steed, 20. Cody Kiewitt, 21. Tim Lynch, 22. Chris Mann