By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Lincoln Park Speedway and its fans reaped the benefits of passing, severe storms during the early afternoon as several tracks succumbed to heavy rains. There were 119 cars on site for Saturday’s show at the Putnamville oval, including numerous national powers as well as many talented regulars that had designs on picking up one of five feature events.

Brady Short has been a Bloomington Speedway victory lane stalwart in recent years, but he’s quickly finding LPS to be one of his favorite ovals as well.

The Bedford, Ind. native scored his third A-main win of the year at Lincoln Park and his fifth feature win of the season in sprint car action.

Jon Stanbrough started out front of the field alongside Short on the front row with Chad Boespflug, Jeff Bland, Justin Grant and Brian Karraker making up the first three rows of the 21-car field.

Stanbrough held fast to the lead over the first 11 circuits as Short doggedly challenged on the outside. A blanket could have been thrown over Stanbrough, Short and Boespflug early on. However, Short made his move at the midway point to snag the point. Stanbrough didn’t go away despite a wheel-to-wheel battle with Bland and Boespflug.

By lap 15, Short had managed to build a lead ahead of Stanbrough and Boespflug as Bland, Karraker, Bradley Sterrett and Grant were in tow.

Dave Darland slowed with eight laps remaining to bring out a caution, but on the restart, Short remained on top. Stanbrough made an attempt for the lead on lap 19, but Short fought him off to stay out front. The front runners stayed there until the final laps as Stanbrough made a final challenge off turn four, showing his right front tire to Short off the corner, but the Short made the lead stick for the win.

Stanbrough took second ahead of Boespflug, Bland and Sterrett.

For Roy Bruce Jr., his first year in a UMP Modified has proven to be successful while running with the American Modified Series, but Saturday night he returned to Indiana and scored his first career victory in the division. While he had found his way to victory lane at Lincoln Park previously, it was in his successful stint behind the wheel of his super stock mount.

Daniel Lewellen had designs on picking up the UMP Modifed win after taking his heat race. He paced the field over the first half of the A-main as Bruce held off defending UMP National Champ Devin Gilpin with Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Roger Mills close behind. However, attrition played into Bruce’s hands as Lewellen was first sidelined as Gilpin and Carmichael each were forced pit side.

Bruce re-took the green out front just past the halfway point of the feature and held off Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Roger Mills in the Don Busch Moving, Bruce’s Lawn and Tree Service, Bad A** Shocks, Bill’s Auto Repair No. X, powered by a Terry Cummings Racing Engine.

In the UMP Super Stock Division, Tyler Cain continued a strong start towards a UMP National title as he scored his sixth victory of the young season, pulling away from Jake Leitzman and Steve Hollars to gain the win.

Cain started out front in the Snyder Farms, PNA Realty, Beach Heating & Air, Main Trailer Sales, No. 5 super stock. He had challenges from Hollars and Leitzman during the first half of the race before he pulled away off a late restart in the Clean Right No. 5.

The final two features of the evening went to Tim Wright Jr., the opening night winner at LPS in the bomber division. Josh Settles fought off some early season bad luck and gained some positive momentum of his own as early leaders David Wallen and Carlos Bumgardner were sidelined with tire problems.

In the first bomber feature, Wright jumped out early and had his hands full with Blake Cross, who advanced to the runner-up spot by the fifth lap. Jake Walters had the third position in front of David Bumgardner and Jordan Almanza.

Up front, Wright and Cross had the crowd’s attention as the two duked it out for the feature win. Wright maintained his spot out front despite the challenges from Cross down the stretch. C.J. Bryan ran third ahead of James Walters and Jordan Almanza.

In the final A-main, David Wallen appeared to have the field wired despite Bumgardner’s advances over the first half of the race. Settles had the third spot ahead of Scott Tidwell.

On a caution eight laps into the 15-lap race, both Wallen and Bumgardner headed to the pits with tire problems. Settles took full advantage of his good fortune as he remained out front running the top to cross the line ahead of Tidwell, Mike Fisher Jr., Michael Williams and Bumgardner, who charged back to the fifth spot.

Saturday will be National Armed Forces Night with anyone presenting a military ID receiving a $3 discount.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature 1. Brady Short, 2. Jon Stanbrough, 3. Chad Boespflug, 4. Jeff Bland Jr., 5. Bradley Sterrett, 6. Justin Grant, 7. Casey Shuman, 8. Brent Beauchamp, 9. Brian Karraker, 10. Nick Bilbee, 11. Dickie Gaines, 12. Travis Berryhill, 13. Ethan Barrow, 14. Kent Christian, 15. Logan Jarrett, 16. Carson Short, 17, Dave Darland, 18. Chase Stockon, 19. Chris Phillips, 20. Dalton Gabbard, 21. Seth Parker
B-main winners: Darland, Stockon Heat winners: Stanbrough, Short, Boespflug, Bland Jr.

UMP Modifed feature
1. Roy Bruce Jr., 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Roger Mills, 4. Zak Blackwood, 5. Derek Groomer, 6. Chad Combs, 7. Wes McClara, 8. Jimmy Hayden, 9. Josh McDaniel, 10. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 11. Damon Harrell, 12. Jordan Weaver, 13. Jeff Deckard, 14. Scott Ricketts, 15. Randy Shuman, 16. Dan Lewellen, 17. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 18. Devin Gilpin, 19. Gary Hayden, 20. Wayne Newlin
-main winner: Blackwood Heat winners: Bruce Jr., Carmichael Jr., Lewellen

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Tyler Cain, 2. Jake Leitzman, 3. Doug McCullough, 4. Travis Butler, 5. Steve Peeden, 6. Scott Carrington, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. Josh Boller, 9. Josh McDaniel, 10. Kris Starks, 11. Travis Heramb, 12. JR Watkins, 13. Dennis Morgan, 14. Justin Jeffries, 15. Will Barnett, 16. Jack Hatton, 17. Michael Fish, 18. Kenny Fields, 19. Larry Babbs, 20. Jaylen Frye, 21. Steve Hollars, 22. Mark Smith, 23. William Harris, 24. Kenny Carmichael Jr. Heat winners: Cain, Fish, Hollars

Bomber feature 1
1. Tim Wright, 2. Blake Cross, 3. C.J. Bryan, 4. James Walters, 5. Jordan Almanza, 6. Cody Wright, 7. David Bumgardner, 8. Kyle Krupa, 9. Jason Thornburg, 10. Megan Cavaness, 11. Jack Campbell, 12. Fred Grayless, 13. Dustin Colvin, 14. Lenny Krupa III, 15. Ron Smith

Bomber feature 2
1. Josh Settles, 2. Scott Tidwell, 3. Mike Fisher Jr., 4. Michael Williams, 5. Bob Farris, 6. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 7. Michael Thompson, 8. Kevin Kemp, 9. Baily Hicks, 10. Mike Wright Jr., 11. Jerry Hutto, 12. DJ Smiley, 13. Chucky Walden, 14. Eric Whitesell, 15. David Wallen Heat winners: Tim Wright, Settles, Bryan