By CAREY FOX Times Sports Editor PUTNAMVILLE — The Fourth of July Weekend was full of celebration for many reasons, not the least of which was the independence of our great nation. However, Jimmy Hayden had a couple of extra reasons to rejoice.
The Coatesville, Ind. native recorded back-to-back UMP Modified victories at Lincoln Park Speedway, edging out Dan Lewellen on Friday evening and holding off a challenge from Randy Shuman on Saturday evening.

The victories were the first for Hayden since the 2009 season.

In sprint car action, Chad Boespflug followed up a seventh-place finish in Friday’s USAC Amsoil National Sprint Car event that was won by Jerry Coons Jr., by claiming his fourth LPS victory on Saturday. Boespflug crossed the finish line ahead of a hard charging Casey Shuman and Brent Beauchamp.

The UMP Super Stock features went to Greencastle’s Doug McCullough on Friday evening and Steve Peeden put Michael Fish’s No. 4 machine in victory lane on Saturday after suffering ignition box issues the evening before. McCullough came back to place second after his win on Friday as Kenny Carmichael Sr. placed third.

After another awe inducing fireworks show provided by Circle City Pyrotechnics, the bomber feature provided a few more fireworks when contact was made between Carlos Bumgardner Sr. on his attempt at a pass for the lead held by Blake Cross.

Bumgardner would take over the lead as the turn two contact slowed Cross back to the fourth spot alongside David Bumgardner Sr. Carlos Bumgardner would eventually hold off Scott Tidwell to win his second feature of the weekend, but not before Cross had a few choice words heading to the pits.

Boesplug attempted to end the hopes of the rest of the sprint car field early as he opened a sizable lead several times over the opening half of the A-main. Jarrett Andretti and Shuman were left to fight for second early on with Michael Terry, Patrick Giddens and Brian Karraker.
A lap seven caution re-set the field, but when the field went green, Boespflug rebuilt his advantage on the second-place car of Shuman. However, by lap 13, Carson Short and Karraker were closing the gap behind Shuman as Terry, Max McGhee and Bill Rose joined the fray.

With 10 laps left in the 30-lap midseason championship for sprint cars, the leaders moved into lapped traffic and Shuman closed within striking distance. Brent Beauchamp had moved up to challenge for sixth and his slider on Karraker caused a caution flag with nine laps remaining.

Boesplug had the top of the track mastered over the duration of the feature and despite a last yellow flag with five laps remaining, the Arizona native would put the Physical Medical Consultant, Bud’s Auto Sales, K&N Filters No. 57 in victory lane powered by a Kercher Racing Engine. Shuman held down second as there was plenty of movement through the field. Beauchamp was third after starting 11th. Bill Rose took fourth ahead of 12th-place starter McGhee. Gaines advanced to sixth after starting 16th and Scheurenberg was seventh after starting 17th.

In his pursuit of his first win in five years, Hayden had been knocking on the door much of the season with runner-up finishes on May 31 and June 14 as part of six top-five finishes this season.
Friday night, he started on the front row and got to the lead quickly in the Schoenfield, Don’s Garage, Commercial Star, Allen Racing Engines No. 15j. Once he got to the point, Hayden would not relinquish the chance at a victory. While Lewellen tried to cut into his solid lead, Scott Ricketts was trying to hold off Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Wes McClara.

Lewellen would have one last shot at derailing Hayden with a caution on lap 17, but Hayden was perfect on the re-start to lock up the win as Carmichael Sr., McClara and Ricketts were top-five. Gary Hayden was sixth ahead of Jake Byers, Roger Cary, Josh McDaniel and Damon Harrell.

On Saturday, started alongside McClara to star the feature and once again he made an early lead stick.

McClara and Shuman battled door-to-door for the second spot with Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Lewellen leading Kenny Carmichael Sr. for fifth.

Shuman maneuvered into second and gave chase over the second half of the feature. He eventually pulled event on the bottom with Hayden with five laps to go, but Hayden held off the challenge and claimed a second win. Carmichael Sr. held off his son for the third position with McClara in fifth.

The UMP Super Stock features had McCullough jumping from a third-place start on Friday to the lead early. Once he was up front, he held fast to the lead as Carmichael Sr. placed second ahead of Josh McDaniel, Travis Heramb and Paul Wright.

One later, Peeden finally overcame mechanical issues and powered to the front with five laps down and didn’t look back to get the victory ahead of McCullough, Carmichael Sr., Scott Carrington and Jake Leitzman.

In the final feature of the evening, Cross and Tidwell fought for the lead of a 28-car field over the first five laps before Bumgardner moved in to challenge after starting 10th. Cross and Bumgardner raced door-to-door for several laps before the contact that slowed Cross. That left Tidwell and Bumgardner to fight for the lead with David Bumgardner and Eric Smiller moving forward.

In the end however, Carlos Bumgardner claimed another feature victory with Tidwell, Bumgardner, Miller, Ron Smith, David Wallen, Tony Tidwell, Cody Wright, Mike Wright Jr. and Dustin Colvin in the top-10.

Lincoln Park Speedway

Sprint car feature

1. Chad Boespflug, 2. Casey Shuman, 3. Brent Beauchamp, 4. Bill Rose, 5. Max McGhee, 6. Dickie Gaines, 7. Hunter Schuerenberg, 8. Patrick Giddens, 9. Brian Karraker, 10. Jarett Andretti, 11. Carson Short, 12. Brandon Morin, 13. Michael Terry Jr., 14. Kent Christian, 15. Mike Gass, 16. Eric Burns, 17. Conner Donelson, 18. Lukas Smith, 19. Troy Link, 20. Joss Moffatt B-main winner: Gaines

UMP Modified feature
1. Jimmy Hayden, 2. Randy Shuman, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Wes McClara, 6. Dan Lewellen, 7. Gary Ricketts, 8. Gary Hayden, 9. Damon Harrell, 10. Donald Kiger, 11. Randy Milburn, 12. Roger Cary, 13. Tyler Loughmiller, 14. Josh McDaniel, 15. Doug Bryan Jr., 16. Chad Nolte

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Steve Peeden, 2. Doug McCullough, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Scott Carrington, 5. Jake Leitzman, 6. Dan McCullough, 7. Josh Fagg, 8. David Daniels, 9. Travis Heramb, 10. Josh McDaniel, 11. Jonathon Newgent, 12. Steve Sutliff, 13. Paul Wright, 14. Larry Babbs, 15. William Harris, 16. Cullen Goodman, 17. Matt Jordan, 18. JR Watkins, 19. Kenny Fields

Bomber feature
1. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 2. Scott Tidwell, 3. David Bumgardner, 4. Eric Miller, 5. Ron Smith, 6. David Wallen, 7. Tony Tidwell, 8. Cody Wright, 9. Mike Wright Jr., 10. Dustin Colvin, 11. Mark Dickerson, 12. Justin Clodfelter, 13. RJ Pruitt, 14. Kyle Krupa, 15. Fred Grayless, 16. Jerry Hutto, 17. Donald Smiley, 18. Chucky Walden, 19. Bob Farris, 20. Bobby Tarrh, 21. Eric Whitesell, 22. Tom Plemons, 23. Doug Parker, 24. Jack Campbell, 25. C.J. Bryan, 26. Kevin Kemp, 27. Tim Wright, 28. Blake Cross

UMP Modified feature

1. Jimmy Hayden, 2. Dan Lewellen, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Wes McClara, 5. Scott Ricketts, 6. Gary Hayden, 7. Jake Byers, 8. Roger Cary, 9. Josh McDaniel, 10. Damon Harrell, 11. Don Kiger, 12. Brent Hudson, 13. John Moore, 14. Gary Ricketts, 15. Anthony Davis, 16. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 17. Chad Nolte, 18. Randy Shuman

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Doug McCullough, 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Josh McDaniel, 4. Travis Heramb, 5. Paul Wright, 6. Jonathon Newgent, 7. Scott Carrington, 8. JR Watkins, 9. William Harris, 10. Larry Babbs, 11. Jamie Adams, 12. Kenny Fields, 13. Jake Leitzman, 14. Wesley Freeland, 15. Steve Peeden

Bomber feature
1. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 2. Tim Wright, 3. Scott Tidwell, 4. Tyler Neal, 5. David Wallen, 6. David Bumgardner, 7. Blake Cross, 8. Kevin Kemp, 9. Cody Wright, 10. RJ Pruitt, 11. Kyle Krupa, 12. Mark Dickerson, 13. Mike Wright Jr., 14. Josh Litton, 15. Tony Tidwell, 16. Eric Miller, 17. Michael Williams, 18. Jerry Hutto, 19. Chucky Walden, 20. Ron Smith, 21. C.J. Bryan, 22. Jack Campbell, 23. Dustin Colvin, 24. James Walters, 25. Bob Farris, 26. Michael Clark, 27. Chris Schepper, 28. Randy McPeak