By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Three drivers made their first trips to victory lane this season at Lincoln Park Speedway. Brent Beauchamp has had success at LPS in the past and cruised to a win over Josh Hodges and hard charging Chad Boesfplug, who started back in 11th in the A-main.

Joliet, Ill. driver Steven Brooks hasn’t visited the Putnamville oval before, but rain in his home state forced him to look for competition in the Hoosier State. He put on a strong performance, winning his heat and the UMP Modified feature, his sixth overall this season. Roy Bruce Jr. stayed within striking distance over the 20-lap feature, but wasn’t able to advance past the runner-up spot as Gary Ricketts, Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Jay Humphrey Jr. wrapped up the top-five.

North Salem’s Ryan Freeland was a very happy winner as he finally picked up his first feature win in the bomber class, placing ahead of Brazil’s David Wallen, Ron Smith, Cody Wright and Kyle Krupa. Josh Boller was the lone veteran of the winners’ circle as he piloted his No. 05B UMP Super Stock to the win ahead of Brazil’s Larry Raines, Kris Starks, Carmichael Sr. and Doug McCullough.

In the sprint car feature, Beauchamp and Hodges started on the front row and wouldn’t look back. Beauchamp built a solid lead after the front pack traded some early slide jobs looking for the top spot. Once he took over the point, Beauchamp drove out to a solid lead. Hodges however, had significantly less breathing room as Conner Donelson and the rapidly rising Boespflug were quickly in contention for second ahead of Troy Link, Scott Hampton and Jordan Kinser.

By lap 10, Hodges had driven to the high side of the track as Boespflug had taken third and was trying to chase Hodges down. The pair ran side-by-side for several laps before Link made contact with Wayne Newlin heading down the back stretch. Newlin flipped several times before coming to a rest, uninjured, but certainly sore after the ride.

Once the field went back to green flag racing for the final eight laps, Beauchamp checked out again in his Lucas Oil, Hoosier Tire, Competition Suspension, Brownsburg Muffler, J&D Performance race car.

After placing second in Thursday’s DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals event at Kankakee County Speedway in Illinois, Brooks moved up one spot to take the Saturday night win. Brooks would lead from the pole position and never relinquished the lead as Bruce got to second-place early after Richie Lex lost a wheel coming out of turn two.

The front pack maintained their positions over the second half of the race after a lap 10 restart as Brooks came home with his sixth win of the season. Brooks currently holds down the second position in the UMP National Point Standings after 20 races.

In the UMP Super Stock division, Boller had his hands full from the beginning as he was able to edge past Raines and Josh McDaniels, who started out front. The three-driver group had several tight laps to start the A-main as Kris Starks waited patiently to make his move into the top-three.

At the halfway point, Raines still had the lead as Boller didn’t get to the front until a re-start shortly after lap 10. Once Boller took the lead, he was able to hold on to it the rest of the way as Raines claimed second ahead of Starks.

A super sized bomber feature turned into a survival of the fittest as 27 cars started the race, but just 10 finished as a pileup on the opening lap involved 10 cars.

Once the field sorted itself out, Freeland got to the lead as Wallen and Smith battled for the second spot. Freeland had to fend off Wallen, who pulled even in turns one and two following a re-start with one lap to go. However, Freeland was able to score the win, outracing Wallen to the finish line.

This weekend will feature the Modified Midseason Championship race along with sprints, super stocks and bombers.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car fea
1. Brent Beauchamp, 2. Josh Hodges, 3. Chad Boespflug, 4. Jordan Kinser, 5. Scott Hampton, 6. AJ Hopkins, 7. JJ Hughes, 8. Chris Babcock, 9. Troy Link, 10. Conner Donelson, 11. Nate McMillin, 12. Jamie Williams, 13. Anthony Leohr, 14. Jared Chastain, 15. Dave Gross, 16. Shelby Vangilder, 17. Brandon Morin, 18. Wayne Newlin

UMP Modified feature
1. Steven Brooks, 2. Roy Bruce Jr., 3. Gary Ricketts, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Jay Humphrey Jr., 6. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 7. Jason Clark, 8. Josh McDaniel, 9. Brent Hudson, 10. JR Watkins, 11. Damon Harrell, 12. Doug Bryant Jr., 13. Tony Houk, 14. Richie Lex, 15. Scott Ricketts, 16. Dan Lewellen, 17. Chris Kerl

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Josh Boller, 2. Larry Raines, 3. Kris Starks, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Doug McCullough, 6. Jonathon Newgent, 7. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 8. James Walters, 9. Paul Wright, 10. Matt Jordan, 11. Chris Campbell, 12. Scott Agnew, 13. Kenny Fields, 14. Josh McDaniel, 15. James Campbell, 16. Scotty Massie, 17. Keno Brewer, 18. Chris Brewer, 19. David Daniels, 20. Steve Peeden

Bomber feature
1. Ryan Freeland, 2. David Wallen, 3. Ron Smith, 4. Cody Wright, 5. Kyle Krupa, 6. Justin Massie, 7. Bob Farris, 8. Chad Weiner, 9. Bryan Hunt, 10. Chucky Walden, 11. Zane Fields, 12. Jerry Hutto, 13. Matthew Burns, 14. Larry Hutto, 15. Travis Hermab, 16. Mark Dickerson, 17. Scott Crouch, 18. Jordan Almanza, 19. Josh Settles, 20. Paul Alleyn, 21. Tom Plemons, 22. RJ Pruitt, 23. Megan Cavaness, 24. DJ Smiley, 25. Eric Miller, 26. CJ Bryan, 27. Donald Smiley, 28. Bobby Tarrh Jr., 29. David Bumgardner