By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – The season points races heated up much like the steamy weather at Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday night.

Tim Wright captured his fifth feature in the bomber class and Steve Peeden added his own A-main trophy after changing to a new motor and picking up win number five at LPS this season in the UMP Super Stock class. Dan Lewellen shopped for his own back-to-school gift as he outran the UMP Modified field to record the victory.

Lewellen, a teacher in the Brown County school system, led the season points in the modified class with consistent runs in the top-10 every week. A second career victory had eluded him until he pulled away from Dave Baldwin down the stretch to earn a return trip to victory lane on Saturday.

Lewellen battled his way to the front after a side-by-side thriller with Damon Harrell early in the 20-lap A-main. The exciting fight for a win between a pair of rising stars at the Putnamville oval was derailed prematurely when Harrell suffered a flat tire during a caution at the midway point.

As Harrell pulled off after a lap nine restart, Lewellen took the opportunity and ran with it as Baldwin gave chase the rest of the way. Lewellen held fast to his lead to gain the win as he masterfully ran the bottom line. Behind Lewellen and Baldwin, Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Jordan Wever were rolling door-to-door with Gary Ricketts and Roy Bruce Jr. behind them.

Lewellen would power away after a late restart to gain the win as Baldwin maintained second with Wever finishing third ahead of Carmichael Jr. and Bruce. The victory edged Lewellen out to a 13-point lead over Bruce (485 to 472).

Peeden got a late start to the season as he put together a brand new No. P3 machine for competition, but he’s hit the ground running.

The Paragon, Ind. driver has rapidly risen amongst the state and nation UMP point standings with wins in the area and he parlayed his heat race win into a starting spot outside of the front row this weekend.

Once the field took the green flag he took the low line and made it stick as Doug McCullough, Josh Boller and C.J. Bryan tried to track him down. McCullough and Boller raced each other hard for the second spot over the first half of the 20-lap feature. Boller was able to edge ahead by the halfway point and stayed there the rest of the way with McCullough and Bryan duking their way to top-five spots and Larry Raines overcame an early bobble to take fifth.

Boller maintained his LPS points lead in the UMP Super Stock Division with 519 points with McCullough second with 489 points. Peeden continued to make up some ground, rising to sixth with 319 points.

For Wright, as the weather has warmed up, so has he.

Wright picked up the win after chasing down the front running group of David Kikendall, Megan Cavaness, Ryan Freeland and RJ Pruitt.

A caution on lap seven set up Wright for his move to the front as he powered to the lead by the 11th circuit as Kikendall lost some ground with Freeland moving to the second spot. Once the pair were out front of the 22-car field, they wouldn’t look back.

Wright picked up the win as Freeland placed second ahead of Kikendall, Cavaness and Cody Wright.

Josh Settles continues to lead the points race after a seventh-place finish on Saturday. Settles has 541 points with Freeland next with 515. Ron Smith (482), Cody Wright (468) and Tim Wright (447) are in the top-five.

In the Midwest Mini Sprint A-main, Scott Bradley made a last lap pass to record the win over Andy Bradley as Colin Parker, Drew Dorsett and Howard McCormick wrapped up the top-five positions.

Lincoln Park Speedway
UMP Modified feature

1. Dan Lewellen, 2. David Baldwin, 3. Jordan Wever, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Roy Bruce Jr., 6. Jay Humphrey Jr., 7. Gary Ricketts, 8. Josh McDaniel, 9. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 10. Scott Ricketts, 11. Gary Hayden, 12. Cullen Goodman, 13. Josh Edmondson, 14. Chris Kerl, 15. Mick Landes, 16. Damon Harrell, 17. Tyler Loughmiller, 18. Brent Hudson, 19. JR Watkins, 20. Kenny Weaver
Heat winners: Baldwin, Bruce, Harrell

UMP Super Stock Feature
1. Steve Peeden, 2. Josh Boller, 3. Doug McCullough, 4. C.J. Bryan, 5. Larry Raines, 6. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. James Walters, 9. James Campbell, 10. Cole Shoemaker, 11. Scotty Massie, 12. Chris Brewer, 13. Will Barnett, 14. Paul Wright, 15. Chris Bennett, 16. Jaylen Frye
Heat winners: Boller, Bryan

Bomber Feature
1. Tim Wright, 2. Ryan Freeland, 3. David Kikendall, 4. Megan Cavaness, 5. Cody Wright, 6. Ron Smith, 7. Josh Settles, 8. Mark Dickerson, 9. Bryan Hunt, 10. Donald Smiley, 11. Tom Plemons, 12. Chucky Walden, 13. Jerry Hutto, 14. RJ Pruitt, 15. Lenny Krupa III, 16. Matt Boone, 17. Matthew Burns, 18. Raymond Funkhouser Jr., 19. Jordan Almanza, 20. Bob Farris, 21. Larry Hutto, 22. Logan Brickert

Midwest Mini Sprint Association
1. Scott Bradley, 2. Andy Bradley, 3. Colin Parker, 4. Drew Dorsett, 5. Howard McCormick, 6. Dan Fitzgerald, 7. Colin Millen, 8. Tyler Kendall, 9. Travis Stickles, 10. Kristen Reimer, 11. Lisa Raines, 12. Cindy Chambers, 13. Tim Light, 14. Corey Bedwell, 15. Lyn Ambrose, 16. Cody Trammell, 17. Mark Horning, 18. Jim Reynolds, 19. Justin Lewis, 20. Nathan Vauter, 21. Corey Medows, 22. Cory Clay