By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Lincoln Park Speedway celebrated its champions on Saturday night as racing action concluded for the season with an excellent evening of competition.

Scott Hampton (sprint cars), Jay Humphrey Jr. (modifieds), Josh Boller (super stocks) and Josh Settles (bombers) were each recognized as champions of their respective classes before the A-main features. The top-10 and rookies of the year were also awarded for their efforts this season.

It was fitting that Boller finished the season in the same way that he began the 2015 campaign, with a victory. Boller captured the season points championship spurred on by his first career victory to start the season. He wrapped up the LPS season in the same manner, with his sixth win of the season as he held off a two-wide challenge from Ralph Groomer and Steve Peeden over the final laps. A caution flew with four laps remaining, but Boller got off to a strong re-start and powered away for the victory ahead of Groomer and Peeden as Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Brazil’s Larry Raines wrapped up the top-five.

The sprint car feature wasn’t without some dramatics as Brent Beauchamp got past Jeff Bland Jr. with two laps remaining to pick up the victory.

Bland led the opening 19 laps as Beauchamp slowly reeled him in before he pulled a slider into turn four that caused contact between the two cars. Beauchamp secured the pass, but a caution flag nullified the move and re-set the original lineup with Bland Jr., Beauchamp, Ethan Barrow, Hampton and JJ Hughes in the top-five.

When the field went green once again, Bland initially opened a small gap, but Beauchamp reeled him back in with three laps remaining. The two rocketed into turn one riding the top side as Beauchamp slid high and Bland got into the loose dirt above the cushion and lost momentum. Beauchamp locked down the top spot and stayed there for the final circuits to claim the win. Ethan Barrow returned to action after a hiatus during the season and ran a very strong third-place after winning his heat race. Hampton and Hughes wrapped up the top-five.

In the UMP Modified feature, Tim Prince and Derek Groomer battled through the early stages of the A-main with Groomer in front. The pair ran door-to-door for the fourth and fifth laps before Prince slid across the front of Groomer and into the lead. Groomer tried to return the favor at the opposite end of the track, but brought out the caution as he went off the top of the track.

Prince held down the lead the remainder of the way to claim his first victory at Lincoln Park Speedway. Cullen Goodman and Jay Humphrey Jr. battled Prince to the checkered flag and finished with top-three finishes ahead of Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Brent Hudson.

Thirty-five bombers were in the pits at LPS this weekend as Scott Crouch claimed his first career feature win in the opening A-main and Megan Cavaness garnered her second win of the season by claiming the second feature of the night.

Crouch trailed Carlos Bumgardner Sr., RJ Pruitt and Cody Wright through the first five laps with a three-car battle between Kyle Prince, Josh Litton and Ryan Freeland in tow.

With just five laps remaining, Bumgardner came to a stop in turn two as his mechanical misfortune became Crouch’s good fortunte.

When the field went green, Crouch took over the lead ahead of Pruitt with Wright and Litton behind them. A caution flew with just one lap remaining, but Crouch was able to maintain his lead for the win ahead of Litton, Ron Smith, Joey Cox and Wright.

In the final feature, Cavaness started up front and stayed there to win ahead of Donald Smiley, Jerry Hutto and Raymond Funkhouser Jr.

Sprint car feature
1. Brent Beauchamp, 2. Jeff Bland Jr., 3. Ethan Barrow, 4. Scott Hampton, 5. JJ Hughes, 6. Hunter ONeal, 7. Travis Berryhill, 8. Mitch Wissmiller, 9. Kevin Studley, 10. Jadon Rogers, 11. Lee Underwood, 12. Eric Burns, 13. William Frederickson, 14. Conner Donelson, 15. Jake Henderson, 16. Dylan Shaw, 17. Chris Babcock, 18. David Hair, 19. Shelby VanGilder, 20. Ben Phillips, 21. Troy Link

UMP Modified feature
1. Tim Prince, 2. Cullen Goodman, 3. Jay Humphrey Jr., 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Brent Hudson, 6. Dan Lewellen, 7. Josh McDaniel, 8. Josh Settles, 9. Mick Landis, 10. Jerry Bland Jr., 11. Scott Ricketts, 12. Michael Fish, 13. Derek Groomer, 14. Fred Grayless, 15. Dave Popielarz, 16. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 17. Gary Ricketts, 18. JR Watkins, 19. Doug Bryant Jr., 20. Kenny Weaver

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Josh Boller, 2. Ralph Groomer, 3. Steve Peeden, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Larry Raines, 6. Doug McCullough, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. Michael Ham, 9. Paul Wright, 10. Jacob Leitzman, 11. Rob Paris, 12. Steve Ware, 13. Larry Babbs, 14. James Campbell, 15. Chris Campbell, 16. Kenny Fields, 17. Jim Turner, 18. Scotty Massie, 19. C.J. Bryan, 20. Hayden Rogers, 21. Will Barnett, 22. Randy Brawley, 23. Kris Starks

Bomber feature 1
1. Scott Crouch, 2. Josh Litton, 3. Ron Smith, 4. Joey Cox, 5. Cody Wright, 6. Chucky Walden, 7. Travis Rodgers, 8. Kyle Prince, 9. Dustin Colvin, 10. Mark Dickerson, 11. Ryan Freeland, 12. Jacob Ham, 13. Glenn Ogden, 14. RJ Pruitt, 15. Travis Heramb, 16. Tom Cox, 17. Kyle Krupa, 18. Tim Brickert, 19. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 20. Bob Farris

Bomber feature 2
1. Megan Cavaness, 2. Donald Smiley, 3. Jerry Hutto, 4. Raymond Funkhouser Jr., 5. Timothy Brickert, 6. Zane Fields, 7. Brandon Alleyn, 8. Bobby Tarrh Jr., 9. Mike Smith, 10. Chad Nolte, 11. Keivan Clodfelter, 12. Michael Clark, 13. James Stuckey, 14. Lenny Krupa III, 15. DJ Smiley