By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor
PUTNAMVILLE — Fans at Lincoln Park Speedway tried to keep their cool in the steamy conditions Saturday night in Putnamville as the 5/16th oval track hosted the Sprint Car mid-season championship race.

Shane Cockrum ripped around the cushion on his way to his second feature win of the season at Lincoln Park Speedway. Cockrum got past Jeff Bland on the top side of turn three with 10 circuits remaining and stayed there to claim the $2,000 payday.

Cockrum came forward from a 10th-place starting spot to claim the victory ahead of Brent Beauchamp and Bland. Chris Gurley had an impressive run from 18th to finish fourth ahead of Nate McMillin.

Steve Peeden celebrated becoming an uncle with a feature win in the UMP Super Stock Division. Peeden’s sister Megan had a baby just a day before and Saturday night, Steve piloted his No. P3 super stock to the win.

Josh Boller and Peeden had an exciting fight for the top spot going through the middle stages of the 20-lap A-main. Peeden led from the opening green flag, but Boller worked his way forward out of a pack that included Doug McCullough, Larry Raines, Jack Campbell and Groomer.

Boller and Peeden were door-to-door through the middle portion of the feature as Boller took the lead on the 11th lap by going to the top. He worked a line higher than most of the traffic and took over the point for several laps before Peeden briefly caught and passed Boller before a caution on lap 15. During that brief break it became apparent that Boller had a broken left rear spring that would send him to the pits after the re-start. From there, Peeden held down the lead the remainder of the way. Josh Divine advanced from 11th to get close to Peeden down the stretch, but couldn’t give Peeden a run for the lead. Josh McDaniel advanced from 15th to place third ahead of Raines and Jonathon Newgent.

In the UMP Modified feature, Bradley Sterrett started on the pole and would remain there for the duration of the 20-lap feature to win his third feature out of the last five.

Jordan Wever started on the pole, but Sterrett slipped to the lead from the outside front row starting spot.

Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Jay Humphrey moved up to challenge each other for the third spot for the second half of the A-main. Behind them, Kenny Carmichael Sr. was ticking off the competitors as he moved forward after starting 16th.

Up front, Sterrett motored around the bottom and kept Wever at bay for the remainder of the 20-lapper. Carmichael Jr. placed third ahead of Humphrey Jr. with Carmichael Sr. eventually advancing 11 spots to take fifth.

In the final two A-main features of the night, Curt Leonard held off a hard charging Kyle Krupa to win the first bomber feature of the night. In the second feature, John Grenier was the winner over Adam Farr.

Leonard found his way back to victory lane for the first time since taking some time off in recent years. On Saturday evening, Leonard started in the fourth position as Jerry Hutto, Bob Farris and Krupa started in the first three spots. Once the field took the green flag, Leonard made his way to the front and was opening up some space ahead of Scott Crouch as Krupa, Farris and Hutto made up the top-five.

After a lap nine restart, Krupa closed to within striking distance of the leader as David Wallen moved into third ahead of Crouch and Hutto with Jordan Almanza in sixth. Leonard was able to maintain his spot at the top of the field to gain his first win since the 2010 season according to the Fillmore, Ind. native.

Krupa, Wallen, Almanza and Crouch made up the top-five spots.

The second bomber feature was a scaled back version and opened with a pileup on the first circuit that left just two cars remaining for a dash to the checkered flag. John Grenier was up to the challenge and came away with the victory.
This weekend will feature the UMP Modified Mid-Season Championship race along with sprints, super stocks and bombers.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Shane Cockrum, 2. Brent Beauchamp, 3. Jeff Bland, 4. Chris Gurley, 5. Nate McMillin, 6. Jon Stanbrough, 7. Casey Shuman, 8. Tim Creech II, 9. Matt McDonald, 10. Matt Brannin, 11. Cole Smith, 12. JJ Hughes, 13. AJ Hopkins, 14. Chris Parkinson, 15. Brandon Mattox, 16. Jamie Williams, 17. Mario Clouser, 18. Dylan Shaw, 19. Lukas Smith, 20. Charlie Belden Jr.

UMP Modified feature
1. Bradley Sterrett, 2. Jordan Wever, 3. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 4. Jay Humphrey Jr. 5. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 6. David Baldwin, 7. Cullen Goodman, 8. David Bumgardner, 9. Brent Hudson, 10. Schuyler Nahre, 11. Brad Thompson, 12. Roy Bruce Jr., 13. Tyler Loughmiller, 14. Sam Wray, 15. Rory Riley, 16. Cole Parker, 17. Dan Lewellen, 18. Rob Brickert, 19. Jeff Deckard, 20. Travis Shoulders

B-main winner: Lewellen

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Steve Peeden, 2. Josh Divine, 3. Josh McDaniel, 4. Larry Raines, 5. Jonathon Newgent, 6. Wes McClara, 7. Scotty Massie, 8. John Shidler, 9. Ralph Groomer, 10. Josh Boller, 11. Jack Campbell, 12. Doug McCullough, 13. Chris Harcourt, 14. Michael Clark, 15. Paul Wright, 16. David Daniels, 17. DJ Smiley, 18. Hayden Rogers, 19. Ken Kelley, 20. Dennis Morgan, 21. Will Barnett, 22. David Wallen

Bomber feature 1
1. Curt Leonard, 2. Kyle Krupa, 3. David Wallen, 4. Jordan Almanza, 5. Scott Crouch, 6. Jerry Hutto, 7. Tom Courtney, 8. Lenny Krupa III, 9. Travis Heramb, 10. Megan Cavaness, 11. James Walters, 12. Ron Smith, 13. Bob Farris, 14. Alex Reid, 15. Glenn Ogden, 16. Josh Presley, 17. Chad Nolte, 18. Justin Bumgardner, 19. Cody Wright, 20. Andrew Pollock
B-main winner: Cody Wright

Second bomber feature
1. John Grenier Jr., 2. Adam Farr, 3. Matthew Grimes, 4. DJ Smiley, 5. Larry Hutto, 6. Justin Massie, 7. Joe Cash, 8. Ryan Freeland, 9. Jeff Thinnes, 10. Keivan Clodfelter