By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor
PUTNAMVILLE – A heat index reaching into the triple digits wasn’t enough to derail an evening of racing at Lincoln Park Speedway on Saturday evening.

Greencastle’s Johnathon Newgent made the most of the opportunity as he piloted his No. 21n UMP Super Stock to victory lane for the first win of his career.

Newgent had been tantalizingly close multiple times over the last two seasons, but finally reached victory lane by holding off the challenges from Steve Peeden over the final half of the 15-lap A-main. Newgent led the entire feature, but a series of mid-race cautions gave Peeden an opportunity to reel the youngster back in on the re-start. Following a lap seven yellow flag, Peeden pulled even with Newgent through turn four, but couldn’t complete the pass.

Newgent secured the point and wouldn’t look back while hitting his marks over the final five laps to pick up the victory that will boost his fifth-place position in the LPS points standings. McCullough held down the third spot ahead of Steve Hawkins as Josh Boller placed fifth.

Fairland, Ind. native Brent Beauchamp slid past Thomas (T-Mez) Meseraull just before a lap 15 caution and made that pass stick on his way to the sprint car victory on the 5/16th mile dirt oval. Beauchamp’s win comes on the heels of his win on July 16 as he finds his mid-season stride.

Meseraull was clearly the man to beat after jumping out to a sizable lead over the opening 10 laps of the A-main. The San Jose, Calif. Driver started outside of the front row alongside Jeff Bland and took the point early. Shane Cockrum took a big hop coming out of the opening corner and dropped from third back to a side-by-side duel with Tyler Thomas for the fifth spot behind Tyler Hopkins.

On the seventh lap, Meseraull already found himself in lapped traffic running a smooth line on a rail around the middle of the track. Casey Shuman pulled off the top of turn four with an engine fire that brought out the red flag to halt the action and brought the field back together for the re-start.

Beauchamp and T-Mez had separated themselves from the chase pack by lap 10 as Hopkins and Bland battled for third ahead of Cockrum as Kevin Thomas Jr. and Tyler Thomas had designs on the fifth position. A spin by Jadon Rogers brought out a lap 15 caution and gave Beauchamp the opening he needed.

When the field took the green flag, Beauchamp rocketed through turn three and slid in front of Meseraull to take over the point. Another caution came out following that lap, but it was the momentum shift that Beauchamp had needed.

On the restart, Beauchamp built a several car length lead before a red flag for Mario Clouser that caught up Bland. From there, Beauchamp would hold onto the top spot as Meseraull crossed the line second ahead of the charging Kevin Thomas followed by Cockrum and Tyler Thomas.

Derek Groomer has the LPS oval on lock down during the month of July.

The Bloomington UMP Modified driver scored his third consecutive feature win at Lincoln Park Speedway, holding the position over Travis Shoulders after an early wheel-to-wheel fight for the top spot. Groomer mastered the bottom line and worked lapped traffic perfectly over the second half of the 20-lap A-main.

A caution on lap 13 only delayed the inevitable as Groomer took the green and roared to a several car length victory as the checkered flag waved ahead of Shoulders, Randy Shuman, Dan Lewellen and Brad Barrow.

Lincoln Park Speedway bomber points leader Jordan Almanza duked it out side-by-side with Brazil’s David Wallen for several laps before taking over the top spot. Almanza went on to record his sixth victory of the season as Cody Wright claimed the second position over Wallen, Ryan Freeland and Scott Crouch.

This weekend will feature the 29th running of the “Putnamville Clash” for sprint cars with $2,900 going to the winner. UMP Super Stocks, UMP Modifieds and bombers will also be on the card.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Brent Beauchamp, 2. Thomas Meseraull, 3. Kevin Thomas Jr., 4. Shane Cockrum, 5. Tyler Thomas, 6. JJ Hughes, 7. Nate McMillin, 8. Jadon Rogers, 9. Billy Cribbs, 10. Hunter ONeal, 11. Ben Knight, 12. Alec Sipes, 13. AJ Hopkins, 14. Tim Creech II, 15. Jeff Bland, 16. Mario Clouser, 17. Casey Shuman, 18. Jacob Brown
Heat winners: Hopkins, Cockrum

UMP Modified feature
1. Derek Groomer, 2. Travis Shoulders, 3. Randy Shuman, 4. Dan Lewellen, 5. Brad Barrow, 6. Jordan Weaver, 7. Michael Fish, 8. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 9. David Bumgardner, 10. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 11. Josh Settles, 12. Sydney Landes, 13. Jay Humphrey Jr., 14. Roger Mills, 15. Josh McDaniel, 16. JR Watkins, 17. Gary Ricketts, 18. Roy Bruce Jr., 19. Rob Brickert, 20. Brent Hudson
B-main winner: Settles
Heat winners: Shoulders, Groomer, Shuman

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Jonathon Newgent, 2. Steve Peeden, 3. Doug McCullough, 4. Steve Hawkins, 5. Josh Boller, 6. John Shidler, 7. Paul Wright, 8. Jack Campbell, 9. Michael Clark, 10. Mike Ham, 11. Jerry Hepworth, 12. Larry Raines, 13. Justin Massie, 14. Hayden Rogers, 15. Jake Leitzman, 16. Scotty Massie, 17. Josh Divine, 18. Chris Hillman, 19. Wes McClara, 20. C.J. Bryan
Heat winners: Raines, McCullough, Peeden

Bomber feature
1. Jordan Almanza, 2. Cody Wright, 3. David Wallen, 4. Ryan Freeland, 5. Scott Crouch, 6. James Walters, 7. Kyle Krupa, 8. Alex Reid, 9. Curt Leonard, 10. Megan Cavanaess, 11. Justin Bumgardner, 12. Travis Heramb, 13. Jason Hunt, 14. Justin Litton, 15. Charles Sloan, 16. Joe Cash, 17. Bob Farris, 18. Jerry Hutto, 19. Lenny Krupa III, 20. Keivan Clodfelter, 21. Harley Burns, 22. Josh Litton, 23. Gary Hayden, 24. Ray Walters, 25. William Summers, 26. Paul Alleyn, 27. Devin Wallen
Heat winners: Wright, James Walters, Almanza