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5/12/2012 - Race Recap


Times Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE — Saturday night brought a wealth of racers both young and old to Lincoln Park Speedway as nearly 100 cars packed the pits and a massive field of 58 youngsters were on hand to compete in the “Little Feet Challenge” bicycle races that were contested before the ‘B’ Main races.

In sprint car action, a 20-car field was topped by Jon Sciscoe, who has had strong runs in all three appearances in the Paul Hazen-owned No. 57. Sciscoe added a feature victory on Saturday night to sixth and fourth-place finishes the last two trips to the Putnamville oval. Sciscoe was able to hold off a spirited challenge from Scotty Weir down the stretch to put the Bud’s Auto Salvage, Geiger Seamless Guttering, Physical Medical Consultant, Kercher Racing Engine sprinter in victory lane.

In the UMP Modified feature, Richie Lex scored his third feature win of the season and second of the weekend after scoring a victory at Bloomington on Friday evening. After losing an engine recently, Gary Burton loaned the Lex team a power plant that obviously is up to snuff as “Mr. Excitement” put the Schaeffers Specialized Lubricant,, Jackson Oil Solvent sponsored No. 7 in the winners circle ahead of multiple time defending champion, Paul Bumgardner.

The UMP Super Stock feature had its first new winner of the season after Troy Clark had won the first three main events. Dustin Shoulders, who moved up from the bomber class this season, put his Durabuilt Racing, Marsh Farms, Curtis Garage, DK Designs, Freije & Freije Auctioneers, Nutralawn No. 65 out front and held off Doug McCulloug for much of the feature to take the checkered flag.

The final feature of the night went to a familiar driver as C.J. Bryan won his third feature of the year over hard charging David Wallen, who took the runner-up spot after flashing through the field from a 15th starting position.
Ethan Barrow and Weir were heat race winners in the sprint car division and started in row two behind Kent Christian and Sciscoe.

From the opening green flag, Sciscoe proved that he had power to spare on starts and he used that to get the jump after several cautions and quickly building sizable leads. Barrow and Weir were in a dogfight behind Sciscoe followed by Christian and Ryan Pace. AJ Hopkins was putting on a show as he looked for an opening to move into the top-three. However, an encounter with the cushion would derail his run, which ended in a 17th-place finish behind Christian.

Joshua Clemons was also making a big run as he made the bottom work to his advantage. Clemons picked off seven competitors on his way to a fifth-place evening. Up front however, Sciscoe was untouchable on the re-starts, but Weir made his way up to second with a pass of Barrow and closed in on Sciscoe late in lapped traffic.

Sciscoe maintained his lead as Pace shuffled past Barrow in the closing circuits as lappers played a role in holding up Barrow to enable Beauchamp to get past as well. Weir made a final threat to Sciscoe’s lead, but on this night it was “The Mayor” that would pick up the win in the Rod End Supply, K&N Racing Parts, Keco, U.S. Automation sponsored car.

Barrow, Troy Link, Matt Goodnight, Chris Babcock and Shawn Krockenberger wrapped the top-10.
A loaded 28-car modified field was on hand Saturday, including UMP National Points leader Devin Gilpin, who won heat No. 2. Lex was unfazed as he picked up heat No. 3 with Chris Brewer winning the first heat.
Gilpin, seeking his 10th feature win of the young season, started third behind Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Lex. Brewer was outside of row two with Brian Amos and John DeMoss in row three.

Lex led from the opening and green as Gilpin battled with Carmichael side-by-side as Paul Bumgardner and Brewer in tow. Brewer and Bradley Sterrett fought for fifth position. Up front, Lex held the competition in check after an early encounter with the cushion that nearly ended with the Morgantown driver on his roof. He quickly recovered to maintain the lead. Ironically it was the same turn three cushion that Gilpin made hard contact with and eventually ended his night.

Lex remained out front as Bumgardner challenged over the final few laps as Carmichael Jr. advanced to third ahead of Sterrett and DeMoss. Brewer took sixth ahead of Carmichael Sr., Craig Conyer, Jacoby Hines and Wes McClara.

Shoulders made his first super stock trip to victory lane this weekend as he held off McCullough throughout the feature. Kris Starks was in the thick of the chase Carmichael Jr. and Slick Griffin followed by Roy Bruce Jr. and David Bumgardner.

McCullough was tight on Shoulders bumper over the last few laps before mechanical problems slowed the No. 19m machine and left him in 16th-place. Shoulders would pick up his first win ahead of Starks, Carmichael Jr., Bumgardner and Mike Staggs. Justin Hammond was sixth with AJ Smith, Steve Sheeks, Chad Nolte, who came from the back of the pack to ninth and Josh Fagg in 10th.

In the bomber feature, Michael Harris and Doug McCullough battled up front along with Marlin Burns in the early stages of the A-main. Bryan was forced to start 10th according to track rules for winners of the previous week’s feature. Harris held the lead as Josh Settles made the challenge and grabbed the lead. Burns was sidelined with a lost wheel in the first half of the race. Bryan made his way to the front and joined the lead pack with Tony Tidwell Sr., Josh Presley and Wallen in a three-way fight for position.

Bryan would eventually make the pass for the lead as Settles slipped to eighth after hard contact with the wall in the final laps. Wallen charged to second-place with Harris and Daniel Foxworthy, moving up from a 16th-place starting spot to fourth followed by Presley.

Next week will be Armed Services Night with a slate of sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature
1. Jon Sciscoe, 2. Scotty Weir, 3. Ryan Pace, 4. Brent Beauchamp, 5. Joshua Clemons, 6. Ethan Barrow, 7. Troy Link, 8. Matt Goodnight, 9. Chris Babcock, 10. Shawn Krockenberger, 11. A.J. Martin, 12. Nick Drake, 13. Chad Davenport, 14. Keaton Dobbs, 15. Kevin Chambers, 16. Kent Christian, 17. AJ Hopkins, 18. Jason Leffler, 19. Seth Parker, 20. John Dick
Heat winners: Barrow, Weir

UMP Modified feature
1. Richie Lex, 2. Paul Bumgardner, 3. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 4. Bradley Sterrett, 5. John DeMoss, 6. Chris Brewer, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. Craig Conyer, 9. Jacoby Hines, 10. Wes McClara, 11. Brian Amos, 12. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 13. Jake Humphrey, 14. Gary Ricketts, 15. Josh Boller, 16. Harold Grayless, 17. Devin Gilpin, 18. Brian Hayden, 19. Rodney Harris Jr., 20. Dan Lewellen
B-main winner: Boller
Heat winners: Brewer, Gilpin, Lex

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Dustin Shoulders, 2. Kris Starks, 3. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 4. David Bumgardner, 5. Mike Staggs, 6. Justin Hammond, 7. A.J. Smith, 8. Steve Sheeks, 9. Chad Nolte, 10. Josh Fagg, 11. Jamey Wilson, 12. JR Watkins, 13. Josh McDaniel, 14. Slick Griffin, 15. Brian Kempf, 16. Doug McCullough, 17. Travis Heramb, 18. Christian York, 19. Matt Jordan, 20. Roy Bruce Jr.
B-main winner: Josh Fagg
Heat winners: Griffin, Staggs, Starks

Bomber feature
1. C.J. Bryan, 2. David Wallen, 3. Michael Harris, 4. Daniel Foxworthy, 5. Josh Presley, 6. Blake Cross, 7. Mike Fisher Jr., 8. Josh Settles, 9. Kevin Kemp, 10. Megan Cavaness, 11. Jerry Hutto, 12. Cory Williamson, 13. Tony Tidwell, 14. Doug Parker, 15. Danny Ray Wampler, 16. Doug McCullough, 17. Jeff Beggs, 18. Tim Wright, 19. Marlin Burns, 20. Ron Smith
Heat winners: Bryan, Tony Tidwell, Settles

Upcoming Events
A big LPS Thank you to the wonderful fans, drivers, sponsors, and employees for the awesome 2016 season!
Congratulations to our 2016 Points Champions!
Sprints 16
Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Shane Cockrum 24P 439
2 Kevin Thomas JR 1,4J 396
3 Nate McMillin 24 293
4 Jeff Bland 38,17GP 284
5 JJ Hughes 76J 274
6 Brady Short 11P 240
7 Tim Creech II 2C 229
8 Brandon Mattox 04,28 194
9 Shelby VanGilder 22V 182
10 AJ Hopkins 14H,42G 159

Modifieds 16
Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Kenny Carmichael Sr 92 663
2 Kenny Carmichael Jr 92C 611
3 Travis Shoulders 166 610
4 Randy Shuman 62 528
5 Jay Humphrey Jr 661 489
6 Derek Groomer D48 475
7 Brent Hudson 2B 429
8 Josh Settles 12H 424
9 Tyler Loughmiller 99T 410
10 Josh McDaniel 11M 404

Super Stocks 16
Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Josh Boller 05B 871
2 Steve Peeden P3 768
3 Jonathon Newgent 21N 757
4 Doug McCullough 19M 734
5 Larry Raines 4R 656
6 Paul Wright 42 588
7 Wes McClara 45M 580
8 Michael Clark 8 572
9 Jack Campbell 3,40C 571
10 Scotty Massie 17 490

Bombers 16 Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Jordan Almanza 14J 937
2 James Walters 34W,83P 832
3 Cody Wright 22W 825
4 David Wallen 59 822
5 Scott Crouch 55S 775
6 Curt Leonard 83 760
7 Megan Cavaness 5C 687
8 Kyle Krupa 46K 686
9 Ryan Freeland 72 639
10 Lenny Krupa III 46 602
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