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9/14/2013 Casey Shuman takes sprints; Brian Hayden wins UMP Modifieds as Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Marty Cooper win super stocks; Carlos Bumgardner wins make-up bomber feature

By CAREY FOX Times Sports Editor PUTNAMVILLE – Saturday night at Lincoln Park Speedway was full of emotions for the victors as the range ran from relief to jubilation on an evening that included eight features in total, including three makeup A-mains from last week’s rain postponement.
The emotions ranged throughout as Justin Minardo captured his first career feature win in the bomber class during a makeup feature. Later in the evening, during the regular slate of main events, Brazil’s David Wallen scored his first victory at LPS in a long, successful career. Arizona sprint car driver Casey Shuman put the Krockenberger family No. 21k into victory lane for the first time. His win gave him some relief after a highly successful 2012 and Saturday’s trip was that much more special considering the Terre Haute based team hadn’t visited Victory Lane in quite some time.

For Wallen, the win was emotional as his family was in attendance and he pulled away to a comfortable win in the bomber class to cap the night. A difficult season that included a flip that nearly demolished the “Spiderman” No. 59, could have derailed the season, however, fellow drivers helped him get his car back together and back on track. The A-main win was supreme considering his father, mother and brother as well as family and friends were on hand to celebrate the victory.

The evening began with a dominant win by Marty Cooper in the super stock class as he pulled away from some of the top shoes in the national points to claim the win.

Cooper pulled away down the stretch from Doug McCullough, who held off a hard charging Roy Bruce, currently third in the national UMP points. Mike Staggs and C.J. Bryan wrapped up the top-five in the make-up feature.

In the final two make-up features, Carlos Bumgardner held off Lincoln Park Speedway’s bomber points leader Tim Wright over the last circuits to pick up his third win of the year. Wallen showed that he would be a factor later in the night with a run to third in the feature.

In the final feature slated from the rained out Sept. 7 event, Justin Minardo scored his first career A-main victory in the Hurst Bodies, Custom Trailer Solutions, S&S Automotive, Hufford Racing Engines No. 11. He battled his way ahead of early Damon Harrell and A.J. Smith over the second half of the feature to claim the win. Harrell held down the top spot for the early portion of the race as Smith gave chase. However, Minardo was finally able to make his move and got past both competitors as Tom Tidwell and Jason Thornburg were in the top-five.

Once Minardo took the point however, he was on a rail and pulled away from the rest of the pack.

As the regular schedule of features got underway, Shuman’s run in the sprint car feature had fans on the edge of their seat. Chad Boespflug, a multiple winner in the legendary Paul Hazen-owned No. 57, pulled several unsuccessful sliders down the stretch, but a late re-start wasn’t enough as Shuman picked up his first win at LPS this season. Boespflug came across the line in second ahead of Greencastle’s Brian Hayden with Ryan Pace in fourth-position.

While Hayden had to settle for a podium spot in the sprint car main event, he wasn’t going to leave the lions share of the money on the table in the UMP Modified main event.

Hayden was dominant in claiming the victory, holding off the charging Kenny Carmichael Jr. after a caution with three laps remaining. Carmichael Sr. was in the running for a top spot, but he came to a stop after the last re-start while running in the third spot. Hayden went on to pick up his fourth feature victory of the season as Carmichael Jr. and Wes McClara roared into top-three spots with Roger Mills and Collin Thirlby rounding out the top-five.
Carmichael Jr. took a cue from Hayden’s bump in finishing spots from sprints to modifieds when he parlayed a runner-up spot in modifieds into a rocket-like victory in the final UMP Super Stock feature of the evening. Carmichael powered away from Cooper down the stretch as Peeden and Dustin Shoulders gave chase ahead of Bruce and McCullough. Peeden would edge out Cooper for second with Shoulders and Bruce wrapping the top-five. Josh Presley, battling with Wright Jr. for the USA Bomber Points, caught a bit of a break when his rival broke a driveline in the main. However, unfazed, Presley put his No. 83 into victory lane ahead of Carlos Bumgardner as the points chase got a little tighter this weekend. Josh Foxworthy advanced to third with Blake Cross and Bob Farris in the top-five spots.

In the final feature of the night, emotion carried over as Wallen started outside of row one and took over the lead from AJ Smith and maintained that advantage the rest of the way. Wallen built a solid lead ahead of Smith and Damon Harrell. Tom Courtney placed fourth and Minardo took the fifth spot.

This weekend will feature the King of Non-wing for sprint cars along with modifieds, super stocks and bombers. Also on tap will be the End of Summer Fireworks Extravaganza.

Lincoln Park Speedway

Make-up UMP Super Stock feature
1. Marty Cooper, 2. Doug McCullough, 3. Roy Bruce Jr., 4. Mike Staggs, 5. C.J. Bryan, 6. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 7. Josh Fagg, 8. Steve Smiley, 9. Tyler Loughmiller, 10. Dan McCullough, 11. Josh Boller, 12. AJ Clark, 13. Steve Peeden, 14. Kenny Weaver, 15. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 16. Michael Fish, 17. Steve Hollars, 18. Jeremy Helton, 19. Chris Hillman, 20. Aaron Fields

Make-up bomber feature 1 1. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 2. David Wallen, 3. Scott Tidwell, 4. Tom Courtney, 5. Ron Smith, 6. Blake Cross, 7. Michael Thompson, 8. Megan Cavaness, 9. Dale Lewis, 10. Lenny Krupa III, 11. Jerry Hutto, 12. Tim Wright, 13. James Walters, 14. Jack Hatton, 15. Justin Clodfelter, 16. Josh Foxworthy, 17. David Shepherd, 18. Doug McCullough, 19. Jordan Almanza, 20. Fred Grayless, 21. Tyler Sweat

Make-up bomber feature 2
1. Justin Minardo, 2. Damon Harrell, 3. A.J. Smith, 4. Jason Thornburg, 5. Tom Tidwell, 6. Tony Tidwell Jr., 7. Mark Dickerson, 8. Junior Shepherd, 9. DJ Smiley, 10. Jack Campbell, 11. Bob Farris, 12. Chris Schepper, 13. Cody Wright, 14. Mike Fisher Jr., 15. Michael Ricketts, 16. Kyle Krupa, 17. Josh Presley, 18. Steve Dayhuff, 19. Jeff Beggs, 20. Michael Harris

Sprint car feature
1. Casey Shuman, 2. Chad Boespflug, 3. Brian Hayden, 4. Ryan Pace, 5. Max McGhee, 6. Kent Christian, 7. Levi Shields, 8. Michael Terry Jr., 9. Brent Beauchamp, 10. Jason Robbins, 11. Brandon Morin, 12. Lee Underwood, 13. Shawn Krockenberger, 14. Douglas Roberts, 15. Devin Cress, 16. Troy Link, 17. AJ Francis, 18. Adam Miller

UMP Modified feature
1. Brian Hayden, 2. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 3. Wes McClara, 4. Roger Mills, 5. Collin Thirlby, 6. Eric Varner, 7. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 8. Jake Humphrey, 9. Duane Lee, 10. Dan Lewellen, 11. Randy Shuman, 12. Scott Ricketts, 13. Gary Ricketts, 14. Larry Lambert, 15. Jeff Deckard, 16. Brent Hudson, 17. Bruce Newlin, 18. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 19. Jamie Rife, 20. Jimmy Hayden
B-main winner: Thirlby

UMP Super Stock
1. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 2. Steve Peeden, 3. Marty Cooper, 4. Dustin Shoulders, 5. Roy Bruce Jr., 6. Josh Boller, 7. Mike Staggs, 8. C.J. Bryan, 9. Josh Fagg, 10. Scott Carrington, 11. Michael Fish, 12. Josh McDaniel, 13. JR Watkins, 14. Tyler Loughmiller, 15. Doug McCullough, 16. Justin West, 17. David Daniels, 18. AJ Clark, 19. Travis Heramb, 20. Steve Smiley
B-main winner: Loughmiller
Bomber feature 1
1. Josh Presley, 2. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 3. Josh Foxworthy, 4. Blake Cross, 5. Bob Farris, 6. Ron Smith, 7. Junior Shepherd, 8. Jack Campbell, 9. Tim Wright, 10. Megan Cavaness, 11. Jerry Hutto, 12. Curt Leonard, 13. Cody Wright, 14. Justin Clodfelter, 15. Scott Tidwell, 16. Michael Ricketts, 17. Chris Schepper, 18. Jack Hatton

Bomber feature 2 1. David Wallen, 2. A.J. Smith, 3. Damon Harrell, 4. Tom Courtney, 5. Justin Minardo, 6. Tony Tidwell Jr., 7. Mark Dickerson, 8. James Walters, 9. Lenny Krupa III, 10. David Shepherd, 11. Dale Lewis, 12. Jason Thornburg, 13. Tom Tidwell, 14. DJ Smiley, 15. Bobby Tarrh, 16. Michael Thompson, 17. Mike Fisher Jr., 18. Kyle Krupa

Upcoming Events
A big LPS Thank you to the wonderful fans, drivers, sponsors, and employees for the awesome 2016 season!
Congratulations to our 2016 Points Champions!
Sprints 16
Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Shane Cockrum 24P 439
2 Kevin Thomas JR 1,4J 396
3 Nate McMillin 24 293
4 Jeff Bland 38,17GP 284
5 JJ Hughes 76J 274
6 Brady Short 11P 240
7 Tim Creech II 2C 229
8 Brandon Mattox 04,28 194
9 Shelby VanGilder 22V 182
10 AJ Hopkins 14H,42G 159

Modifieds 16
Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Kenny Carmichael Sr 92 663
2 Kenny Carmichael Jr 92C 611
3 Travis Shoulders 166 610
4 Randy Shuman 62 528
5 Jay Humphrey Jr 661 489
6 Derek Groomer D48 475
7 Brent Hudson 2B 429
8 Josh Settles 12H 424
9 Tyler Loughmiller 99T 410
10 Josh McDaniel 11M 404

Super Stocks 16
Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Josh Boller 05B 871
2 Steve Peeden P3 768
3 Jonathon Newgent 21N 757
4 Doug McCullough 19M 734
5 Larry Raines 4R 656
6 Paul Wright 42 588
7 Wes McClara 45M 580
8 Michael Clark 8 572
9 Jack Campbell 3,40C 571
10 Scotty Massie 17 490

Bombers 16 Pos Driver Car # Points
1 Jordan Almanza 14J 937
2 James Walters 34W,83P 832
3 Cody Wright 22W 825
4 David Wallen 59 822
5 Scott Crouch 55S 775
6 Curt Leonard 83 760
7 Megan Cavaness 5C 687
8 Kyle Krupa 46K 686
9 Ryan Freeland 72 639
10 Lenny Krupa III 46 602
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