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4/26/2014 - Boespflug gives car owner Paul Hazen a feature win to start his 57th season as a sprint car owner

Times Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Car owner Paul Hazen has been in the sprint car business for 57 years as of this season and he got to celebrate Saturday night with his crew and driver Chad Boespflug, who put the No. 57 Bud’s Auto Sales, Physical Medical Consultant, Rod’s End Supply, Weld Racing mount in victory lane.

The Carmichael Family also had plenty to celebrate and Kenny Carmichael Sr. and his son crossed the finish line first in the UMP Super Stock and UMP Modified features respectively. The bomber class features went to Carlos Bumgardner and Blake Cross.

The sprint car feature was in doubt to the final 100 yards as Boespflug overcame Casey Shuman with two laps to go as the pair battled heavy lapped traffic.

Troy Link started on the pole inside of Matt Thompson and led the first laps of the feature. However, a charging Ethan Barrow came to the front from outside row two to challenge for the point. Link and Barrow made contact on the backstretch with Link taking a hard ride to bring out the red flag.

When the green flag flew once again, Barrow led briefly before Shuman got past him after the leader slipped off the back stretch coming out of turn two. Shuman took over the point ahead of Barrow and Boespflug with Thompson and Chris Babcock in tow. With 16 laps in the books, Shuman looked to have the field wired. However, Boespflug took over the second spot ahead of Barrow, Babcock and Thompson. Shuman continued to lead as the front runners got into traffic with three laps left on the docket.

Shuman got hung up in a large group of lappers and Boespflug found his way through to the lead. The leaders weren’t separated by more than two car lengths over the remaining laps. Shuman made one final challenge over the last half lap, but it was Boespflug that got to the line first to put the K&N Filters, Weld Racing, Creative Finishing, U.S. Automation No. 57 in victory lane.

There was plenty of family drama late in the UMP Modified feature as Kenny Carmichael Jr. outlasted his father after a re-start with a lap to go. Carmichael Jr. crossed the line first after his father battled his way to the second spot after a three-way fight with Jimmy Hayden and Randy Shuman.

Carmichael took over the lead from Gary Hayden during the early laps and maintained that lead throughout despite challenges from the field. Jimmy Hayden held down the second spot for most of the race as Shuman and Carmichael Sr. battled door-to-door ahead of Dan Lewellen, Jake Humphrey and Richie Lex.

With three laps remaining, Carmichael Jr. had built a solid lead ahead of Carmichael Sr. with Jimmy Hayden close behind. A final caution came into play, but Carmichael Jr. put the Carmichael’s Exhaust, Scott’s Custom Color, Roshel Chiropractic, Spence Banks, Rosnett Semitrailer-sponsored No. 92c in victory lane.

Jimmy Hayden was third with Shuman in fourth and Lewellen in fifth. Jake Humphrey advanced seven spots to take sixth and Wes McClara moved up nine spots for seventh.

The UMP Super Stock feature went to Carmichael Sr., who battled his way to the win ahead of a strong run by Jake Leitzman and Scott Carrington.

Carrington challenged for the lead over the last three laps and the pair made contact off of turn four headed to the checkered flag, but Carmichael picked up the victory. Leitzman took third ahead of Dustin Shoulders and Josh McDaniel.
Carlos Bumgardner Sr. has narrowly missed winning a feature this season at Lincoln Park Speedway, but the third time was the charm as he dominated the first bomber A-main to pick up a win over Kyle Krupa, James Walters, Kevin Kemp and Cody Wright.

Bumgardner won by nearly a full straightaway in the JL Custom Paint, Bumgardner’s Auto & Truck Repair, Speedway Auto Parts, Perfect Pallets, Specialty Graphix-sponsored No. 8.

While he started sixth in the feature, Bumgardner wasted little time getting to the front and building a big lead on the field. He maintained that lead ahead of Krupa to the wire.

Cross had little, but bad luck heading into week three at the Putnamville oval, but he held off a furious challenge over the final circuits to pick up the victory ahead of Tim Wright and David Wallen.

Cross started inside of the second row, but jumped to the lead by the fifth circuit. From there, he built upon that advantage as Wright worked his way to the front after starting 10th. He would try to make a pass on the bottom, but Cross held off the challenge as Wallen joined the charge for the checkered flag. The group remained close over the last laps, but the Greencastle native held fast to the lead in the Loud Pedal Performance, Don’s Garage, Mikey’s Tobacco Shop, Deer Creek Processing-sponsored No. 44.

Wright advanced eight spots to place second with Brazil’s David Wallen moving up 11 positions to place third ahead of Jeff Beggs and Lenny Krupa III.

Next weekend will feature a regular card of sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers.

Lincoln Park Speedway Sprint car feature 1. Chad Boespflug, 2. Casey Shuman, 3. Ethan Barrow, 4. Chris Babcock, 5. Matt Thompson, 6. Kent Christian, 7. Brian Hayden, 8. Tyler Courtney, 9. Robert Cummings, 10. Chris Phillips, 11. Travis Berryhill, 12. Brandon Morin, 13. Tyler Hewitt, 14. Michael Terry Jr., 15. Brian Lake, 16. Matt McDonald, 17. Lee Dakus, 18. Gary Taylor, 19. Levi Shields, 20. Troy Link

B-main winner: Hayden Heat winners: Shuman, Boespflug, Barrow

UMP Modified feature 1. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Jimmy Hayden, 4. Randy Shuman, 5. Dan Lewellen, 6. Jake Humphrey, 7. Wes McClara, 8. Jamie Rife, 9. Elijah Heminger, 10. Michael Kettnich, 11. Josh McDaniel, 12. Jeff Van Lannen, 13. Jordan Weaver, 14. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 15. Richie Lex, 16. Wayne Newlin, 17. Chad Nolte, 18. Gary Hayden, 19. Zak Blackwood, 20. Tyler Loughmiller

B-main winner: McClara Heat winners: Jimmy Hayden, Carmichael Jr., Bumgardner Sr.

UMP Super Stock feature 1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Scott Carrington, 3. Jake Leitzman, 4. Dustin Shoulders, 5. Josh McDaniel, 6. Rob Paris, 7. Doug McCullough, 8. Steve Sutliff, 9. Dennis Morgan, 10. Jonathon Newgent, 11. Will Barnett, 12. Cullen Goodman, 13. Travis Heramb, 14. Kris Starks, 15. Josh Boller, 16. Kenny Fields, 17. Dan McCullough, 18. Matt Jordan, 19. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 20. Larry Babbs, 21. JR Watkins, 22. Jaylen Frye

Heat winners: Leitzman, Boller, Carmichael Jr.
Bomber feature 1 1. Carlos Bumgardner, 2. Kyle Krupa, 3. James Walters, 4. Kevin Kemp, 5. Cody Wright, 6. Michael Williams, 7. Jack Campbell, 8. Jason Thornburg, 9. Michael Thompson, 10. William Norton, 11. Megan Cavaness, 12. C.J. Bryan, 13. Jerry Hutto, 14. Tom Plemons, 15. Jack Hatton

Bomber feature 2 1. Blake Cross, 2. Tim Wright, 3. David Wallen, 4. Jeff Beggs, 5. Lenny Krupa III, 6. Mark Dickerson, 7. Mike Fisher Jr., 8. Mike Reitz, 9. Dustin Colvin, 10. Chucky Walden, 11. DJ Smiley, 12. Bob Farris, 13. Ron Smith, 14. Mike Wright Jr.

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Main Gates Open at 4:30PM
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