34 sprints entered the gates at Lincoln Park Speedway Saturday night.  AJ Hopkins led the groups with fast time of the night at 12.708.  This setup the 4 heats taking the top 4 and then 2 B mains taking 2 each.  Heat race winners were Jadon Rogers, Tye Mihocko, Chris Babcock and AJ Hopkins.  With an invert of 4 for the feature this put AJ Hopkins and Chris Babcock on the front row.  Little did we know as fans of LPS this was going to be a wild one we would remember for a long time.  The cushion as always was very fast and Jadon Rogers showed that early as he stormed to the lead early in the race.  This would definitely get the crowd going because there was action heating up back from 2nd to 6th with slide jobs each corner which let Jadon get out to a nice lead.  Towards the last 10 laps of the race though lap traffic was causing the lead to get shortened up and this would setup some lead changes with Mihocko in the mix Rogers and Hopkins.  The last lap had the whole crowd coming to their feet as by turn 3 they were 3 wide and it didn’t work because about 20 feet from the flagstand contact caused Tye Mihocko to go flipping towards the checkers while cars were dodging to miss him.  Jadon Rogers won by half a car length over AJ and the crowd is probably still talking about it.   Thankfully Tye got out of his car okay and definitely has a lot of new fans for the effort he gave in the 47 car.   At the checkers it was Jadon, AJ, Geoff Ensign, Brayden Fox and Jason Mcdougal. Tye would end up 6th but he had a great run for sure and the LPS faithful gave him a standing ovation for that.

The UMP modifieds had 3 heats and quick time in qualifying was James Walters with a 14.516.  Heat race winners were Brian Hayden, Richie Lex and Derek Groomer.  The feature was won by Derek Groomer making it 2 nights in a row and adding to his points lead at LPS and in the Southern Indiana Region.  With 2 straight wins he might be back in the top 10 in the nation next week.

The UMP Super Stocks had a huge turnout with 35 cars.  Larry Raines set the fast time with 14.976.  Heat race winners were Justin Litton, Austin Phelps, Wes McClara and Justin Massie.  The feature was a hard fought battle with the top 2 in UMP points. Austin Phelps was able to hold off Wes for the win and Justin Massie had a strong run in 3rd.

The bomber division was led in qualifying by Jordan Almanza with a 16.132.  Heat race winners were Chucky Walden, CJ Bryan and Jordan Almanza.  In the feature it was Jordan taking  the win but Chucky Walden and Tyler Rodgers ran an outstanding race and are on the verge of picking up their 1st win any day.  The bomber division continues to put on an intense battle each week at LPS.

The UMP hornets were led in qualifying by Chris Hillman Jr. with a time of 17.142.  The fast number 11 of Chris’s would win both the makeup feature from the Baily Hicks night and the regular feature.  Thanks to all the 134 cars that came out and our great fans at LPS every week.  Next Saturday will be wild with lots of action with Kids Bicycle Races and a 26 car mod A main makeup with a 28 car Super Stock makeup A main before we start a regular show.  See you next Saturday at the Capitol of the Cushion LPS.