By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE, Ind. – Binghamton, Ny. native Coleman Gulick came a long way to take on the top sprint car drivers in the state of Indiana this summer at Lincoln Park Speedway. On Saturday night , he beat some of the best and claimed a $2,000 payday in winning the 30th Putnamville Clash.

Gulick had come close to victory a few times at the scenic oval in Putnamville, but on Saturday he dominated a talented field to cement his name in the record books for the historic race. After starting on the front row, Gulick escaped a collision that involved his fellow front row starter, Dickie Gaines, which sent him to the pits.

Gulick started alongside previous LPS winner, Brett Burdette, and checked out on the field, owning the famed cushion at Lincoln Park. With a curb on top, Gulick wasn’t close to being caught despite the charges of Dave Darland, Burdette, Seth Parker, Brent Beauchamp and Shane Hollingsworth.

Gulick pulled out to a near half lap lead as he masterfully worked the lapped traffic, and pulled through the rest of the field and lapped his way into the top-10.

Twenty-seven sprint cars were on hand with Burdette, Parker and Gulick scoring heat race victories and Shawn Krockenberger topping the B-main.

Opening the A-main, Gaines and Gulick were on the front row ahead of Parker and Burdette, but Gaines would be sidelined after heavy contact with another car heading into the first lap’s final corners. A damaged front end sent Gaines to the pits and put Gulick on the pole for the re-start.

Once the feature went green, Gulick quickly pulled away to the field and built a straightaway lead leaving the rest of the field battling for second.

Burdette held down second ahead of Parker for the first half of the race before Darland battled through the field from his ninth-place starting position. Darland quickly entered the mix for second, duking it out side-by-side with Burdette before capturing the runner-up spot. Burdette would maintain third ahead of Parker and Beauchamp with Hollingsworth, Jesse Cramer, Ethan Barrow, Keaton Dobbs and Kenny Carmichael Jr. wrapping the top-10.

Gulick’s win came in the Hazardous Racing, Competition Suspension, Rods End Supply, Rob’s Market, DRC, Power Mist sponsored No. 14.
In the UMP Modified feature, Kenny Carmichael Sr. broke free of an early race with Craig Conyer to pull away to the victory ahead of Paul Bumgardner and Conyer.

Carmichael led by 10 car lengths over the latter stages of the feature as Bumgardner came home second followed by Conyer, Richie Lex and Dan Lewellen in the top-five. Greg Amick, Arby Burton, Wes McClara, Schuyler Nahre and Carlos Bumgardner finished out the top-10.

In the UMP Super Stock feature, Steve Peeden and Kenny Carmichael Sr. pulled away from the field and fought to the end before Peeden edged out to win by two car lengths on the final lap.

Peeden’s win came in the Davis Automotive, Barrow Excavating, Townsend Transmission,, Drapalik Surveying and Transmission No. P3.

Peeden picked up his second 2011 win at LPS as Kris Starks came forward to take third followed by Doug McCullough and Ian Keller.
The final feature of the evening saw Scott Tidwell add win number two this season, squeezing past Blake Cross, who led nearly the entire bomber feature. However, Tidwell got a big run off the cushion in turn two with three laps remaining and was able to grab the lead and hold onto it to the checkered flag.

Ron Smith came home third followed by Tony Tidwell and Bob Farris in the top-five.

Next weekend will feature the sprint cars, modifieds, super stocks and bombers at Lincoln Park Speedway.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature
30th Putnamville Clash

1. Coleman Gulick, 2. Dave Darland, 3. Brett Burdette, 4. Seth Parker, 5. Brent Beauchamp, 6. Shane Hollingsworth, 7. Jesse Cramer, 8. Ethan Barrow, 9. Keaton Doggs, 10. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 11. CJ Leary, 12. Kent Christian, 13. Jon Sciscoe, 14. Brian Olson, 15. Justin Marvel, 16. Lance Hayden, 17. Shawn Krockenberger, 18. Keith Bloom, 19. Rick Vaughn, 20. Dickie Gaines
B-main winner: Shawn Kroceknberger

UMP Modified feature
1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Paul Bumgardner, 3. Craig Conyer, 4. Richie Lex, 5. Dan Lewellen, 6. Greg Amick, 7. Arby Burton, 8. Wes McClara, 9. Schuyler Nahre, 10. Carlos Bumgardner, 11. Josh Boller, 12. Neil Rollins, 13. Gary Ricketts, 14. Justin Bex, 15. C.J. Bryan, 16. Rob Fuqua, 17. Jimmy Hayden, 18. Josh McElyea, 19. Jacob Houts, 20. Brian Amos, 21. Doug Bryant Jr.

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Steve Peeden, 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Kris Starks, 4. Doug McCullough, 5. Ian Keller, 6. Slick Griffin, 7. Mike Staggs, 8. Joe Starks, 9. Phil VanSant, 10. Josh McDaniel, 11. Bill Wells, 12. Travis Heramb, 13. Bill Hart, 14. David Kingery Jr., 15. Donnie Shoemaker, 16. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 17. Don Duncan, 18. Matt Jordan, 19. Jacob Wright, 20. David Daniels

Bomber feature
1. Scott Tidwell, 2. Blake Cross, 3. Ron Smith, 4. Tony Tidwell, 5. Bob Farris, 6. Josh Presley, 7. Lloyd Walls, 8. JR Watkins, 9. Michael Harris, 10. Jeff Cast, 11. Kevin Kemp, 12. Frank Cotton, 13. Kenny Treash, 14. Tony Tidwell Sr., 15. Jordan Almanza, 16. Harry Shepherd, 17. Josh Foxworthy, 18. Corey Gregory, 19. Megan Cavaness, 20. Christian Kline, 21. David Bumgardner
B-main winner: Scott Tidwell