By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor
PUTNAMVILLE – Lincoln Park Speedway put the wraps on the 2016 season with back-to-back nights of racing over the weekend after rain had claimed several events in a row.

Shane Cockrum was crowned as the sprint car points champion after Friday night’s ninth-place run. He was first in the standings by 43 points (439 to 396) over Kevin Thomas Jr. with Nate McMillin in third with 293 points. Terre Haute’s Kenny Carmichael Sr. wrapped up the UMP Modified points championship with a fourth-place finish Friday night and capped it with a runner-up spot on Saturday. Carmichael edged out his son 663 to 611 with Travis Shoulders in third (610) in the season standings.

The UMP Super Stock champion is Josh Boller after an outstanding season long battle with runner-up Steve Peeden. Boller finished with 871 points to Peeden’s 768, who won Saturday’s A-main, one spot ahead of Boller. Greencastle’s Jonathon Newgent won his first feature of his career this year and placed third with 757 points. Roachdale, Ind. native Jordan Almanza capped a championship season in the Bomber Class in style Friday night as he won his seventh feature of the year to finish with 937 points to James Walters’ 832. Cody Wright placed third with 825.

The LPS season came to a conclusion Saturday night as the top-10 in points for each class were honored, but there was plenty of on-track action to be had as well.

Perhaps the most thrilling of finishes came in the UMP Modified division as Carmichael Sr. led the majority of a caution filled 20-lap feature.

Once the field put a long green flag stretch run together, Carmichael was being chased by Michael Fish and Jay Humphrey Jr. at the midway point. Humphrey made the decision to go to the top-side of the track and run against the cushion. The move proved pivotal as he powered around Fish on the top and set his sights on Carmichael.

Humphrey pulled even with Carmichael for the final four laps before getting enough of a run coming off the final corner of lap 20 to outrun Carmichael by a couple feet at the finish line. Randy Shuman placed third ahead of Roger Mills and Roy Bruce Jr.

Shuman picked up the Friday night victory as Derek Groomer came home second ahead of Tyler Loughmiller.

AJ Hopkins started on the pole and stayed there in the sprint car A-main. He gained an early lead over Brady Short and held him off through a couple of early re-starts. Over the final eight laps, Hopkins masterfully worked his way through a log jam of lapped cars to add to his lead to pick up the win.

Short was the Friday night winner over Thomas Meseraull as Hopkins claimed third ahead of Kevin Thomas Jr.

Despite finishing second in the season points race for the UMP Super Stocks, Peeden was dominant to cap the year at the Putnamville oval. The Martinsville, Ind. native started on the outside of the front row and checked out on the field to win by nearly a half lap ahead of Boller, Larry Raines, Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Kris Starks.

The bomber feature proved to be a fitting conclusion to the season as Scott Crouch repeated his season-ending victory from last year at LPS.

The win was far from easy however as he battled with Walters to the very end. Walters held the lead into lapped traffic, but both drivers got jammed up behind cars running side-by-side at the back of the field. Crouch pulled even with Walters heading into a second group of cars and it was Crouch that made it through unscathed. Walters got locked up with one of the lapped cars and slowed enough for Crouch to power away to the victory. Almanza came home second with Andrew Pollock in third ahead of Walters and Kyle Krupa.

Sprint car feature

1. AJ Hopkins, 2. Brady Short, 3. Shane Cockrum, 4. Jadon Rogers, 5. Eric Burns, 6. Matt McDonald, 7. Billy Cribbs, 8. Daylan Chambers, 9. Anthony Leohr, 10. Kendall Ruble, 11. Nate McMillin, 12. Cody Leohr, 13. Parker Frederickson, 14. Dylan Shaw, 15. Kent Christian, 16. Shelby VanGilder

UMP Modified feature
1. Jay Humphrey Jr., 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Randy Shuman, 4. Roger Mills, 5. Roy Bruce Jr., 6. Michael Fish, 7. Brent Hudson, 8. Dan Lewellen, 9. Rob Brickert, 10. Tyler Loughmiller, 11. RJ Pruitt, 12. Scott Ricketts, 13. Michael Beatty, 14. Cole Parker, 15. Gary Ricketts, 16. Josh McDaniel, 17. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 18. JR Watkins, 19. Travis Shoulders, 20. Jeff Deckard

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Steve Peeden, 2. Josh Boller, 3. Larry Raines, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Kris Starks, 6. Levi Godsey, 7. Doug McCullough, 8. Jack Campbell, 9. Chris Harcourt, 10. Paul Wright, 11. Will Barnett, 12. Hayden Rogers, 13. Kenny Fields, 14. Michael Clark, 15. Justin Massie, 16. Larry Prouse

Bomber feature
1. Scott Crouch, 2. Jordan Almanza, 3. Andrew Pollock, 4. James Walters, 5. Kyle Krupa, 6. Ryan Freeland, 7. Travis Heramb, 8. Lenny Krupa III, 9. Megan Cavaness, 10. David Wallen, 11. Dustin Colvin, 12. Mark Dickerson, 13. Harley Burns, 14. Adam Farr, 15. Zane Fields, 16. Jeremy Farris, 17. Keivan Clodfelter, 18. Bob Farris, 19. Paul Alleyn, 20. Jerry Hutto, 21. Larry Hutto, 22. Cody Wright, 23. Alex Reid, 24. Ray Walters, 25. Tom Plemons, 26. Gary Hayden

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Brady Short, 2. Thomas Meseraull, 3. AJ Hopkins, 4. Kevin Thomas Jr., 5. Josh Hodges, 6. Brandon Mattox, 7. Kent Schmidt, 8. Shelby VanGilder, 9. Shane Cockrum, 10. Bradley Sterrett, 11. Dakota Jackson, 12. Kyle Robbins, 13. Nate McMillin, 14. Jadon Rogers, 15. Daylan Chambers, 16. Chris Gurley, 17. Ethan Barrow, 18. Tyler Thomas, 19. Matt McDonald, 20. Hunter ONeal

UMP Modified feature
1. Randy Shuman, 2. Derek Groomer, 3. Tyler Loughmiller, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 6. Michael Fish, 7. Jeff Deckard, 8. Brent Hudson, 9. Jay Humphrey Jr., 10. Josh Settles, 11. Tim Prince, 12. David Bumgardner, 13. Sam Wray, 14. Cole Parker, 15. Roger Mills, 16. Scott Ricketts, 17. RJ Pruitt, 18. Doug Bryant Jr., 19. Josh McDaniel, 20. Rob Brickert

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Ralph Groomer, 2. Steve Peeden, 3. Jonathon Newgent, 4. Jack Campbell, 5. Steve Hollars, 6. Marty Cooper, 7. Michael Clark, 8. Doug McCullough, 9. Steve Hawkins, 10. Josh Boller, 11. Kenny Fields, 12. Wes McClara, 13. Chris Hillman, 14. Chris McCoy, 15. Hayden Rogers, 16. Kevin Kemp, 17. Paul Wright, 18. Kris Starks, 19. Terry Leitzman, 20. Larry Raines

Bomber feature
1. Jordan Almanza, 2. Matthew Cooley, 3. Curt Leonard, 4. Andrew Pollock, 5. Tyler Neal, 6. Scott Crouch, 7. Kyle Krupa, 8. Gary Hayden, 9. Scott Tidwell, 10. Lenny Krupa III, 11. David Wallen, 12. Megan Cavaness, 13. Cody Wright, 14. Alex Reid, 15. James Walters, 16. Mark Dickerson, 17. Harley Burns, 18. Justin Litton, 19. Josh Litton, 20. Ryan Freeland