BALLOU THE WINNER AT LINCOLN PARK Putnamville, IN – August 10, 2013 – Robert Ballou won the 30 lap Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car feature Saturday night at the Lincoln Park Speedway. The Rocklin, CA, driver brought a new Maxim to the track and it performed well.
Ballou had a perfect night in winning his heat race as well as the feature. He was excited about his victory and the new car as he was interviewed in victory lane. “This shows you that Maxim Race Cars are among the best in the business.”

Ballou’s victory was his eighth in MSCS competition. That ties him with Brady Short at third on the All Time Winner’s List. Ballou started fourth in the feature and took over the lead from Dakota Jackson on lap nine.

Chase Stockon was the runner-up in the MSCS feature for the second week in a row. Stockon pushed the GBR Sprinter hard to stay one to two car lengths behind Ballou lap after lap. He looked and looked for an opportunity. But the opportunities expired as the laps ran out. The entire feature stayed green. There were no miscues or restarts – just hard racing! Chase summed it up. “I rode along behind trying not to make a mistake. And he ran a perfect 30 laps.”

Lincoln Park regular Brent Beauchamp finished third. He started fifth and was in the race long battle for a top five spot. “It was a good night to finish strong with MSCS here!” Dakota Jackson turned in his best feature run this season in finishing fourth. Chad Boespflug moved up five hard fought spots to take fifth.

Jon Stanbrough led the second five to the finish line. Kyle Cummins, Ryan Pace, A.J. Hopkins, and Brady Short completed that group.

Stanbrough’s drive from sixteenth to sixth earned him the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race from MSCS. Brady Short also gained 10 spots but the award goes to the driver with the highest finish in case of a tie. Fans watching the back half of the pack witnessed some timely passing. Eighteen of twenty cars finished without the usual spins or incidents.

Bradley Sterrett received the Wilwood Tuff Brakes award. The MSCS Rookie Points leader finished eleventh. The night also included a first heat race and an opportunity to start the feature on the front row. Other heat race winners included Ryan Pace, Robert Ballou, and Kyle Cummins.

C.J. Leary and A.J. Hopkins won the two 12 lap B Mains.

RaceBumpers.Com is the MSCS B Main Sponsor again in 2013. Thirty seven sprint cars were in competition.

The next MSCS race will be at Tri-State Speedway on Labor Day Weekend. The date is September 1st which is a Sunday. The Labor Day Weekend Challenge pays $3,000 to win. Lincoln Park Speedway runs weekly on Saturday nights through October 5th.

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Lincoln Park Speedway
Putnamville, IN
August 10, 2013

Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series:
(37 Entries)

First Heat – 90x Bradley Sterrett, 2x Chase Stockon, 20 Jerry Coons Jr,
38 Jeff Bland Jr, 11p Brady Short, 2e Shane Cottle,
09 J.R. Douglas, 1c Kent Christian, 56 Levi Shields

Second Heat – 44 Ryan Pace, 34 Brent Beauchamp, 17rw Kevin Thomas Jr.,
3F Braylon Fitzpatrick, 66 Jon Stanbrough, 41 Dave Darland,
96 Chase Briscoe, 21s Carson Short, 17 Max McGhee, 15F Aaron Farney

Third Heat – 12 Robert Ballou, 10F Blake Fitzpatrick, 6rr Joe Liguori,
77 Brian Hayden, 30 C.J. Leary, 35x Chris Babcock,
21F A.J. Francis, 42 Conner Donelson, 28 Brandon Mattox

Fourth Heat – 3c Kyle Cummins, 57 Chad Boespflug, 3x Dakota Jackson,
55 Nick Drake, 23 Brian Karraker, 14H A.J. Hopkins,
81H Jared Harris, 7F Ethan Fleetwood, 3J Jake Simmons

First B Main – Leary, Cottle, Drake, Christian, Francis,
Babcock, Fleetwood, Farney, Simmons, Shields, Briscoe DNS

Second B Main – Hopkins, B. Short, Darland, Karraker, C. Short,
McGhee, Mattox, Harris, Donelson, Douglas

Feature (30 Laps) – Ballou, Stockon, Beauchamp, Jackson, Boespflug,
Stanbrough, Cummins, Pace, Hopkins, B. Short,
Sterrett, Coons Jr., Cottle, Hayden, Thomas Jr.,
Leary, Br. Fitzpatrick, Liguori, Bland Jr., Bl. Fitzpatrick