By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – A day before Fathers Day, Greencastle’s Doug McCullough provided his father with a prime gift as he claimed not just the UMP Super Stock feature, but called his shot in claiming the bomber feature minutes later.

Brent Beauchamp wasn’t happy in his 21st place sprint finish in Thursday’s show as many of USAC’s top guns were on hand. However, he was more than happy to reign in Saturday’s sprint car victory. Beauchamp’s win was his second LPS victory in a row on regular cards.

In the UMP Modified main event, it was Oakwood, Ill. native Randy Shuman, who shirked off his bad luck and put the Toyota of Danville, Randall Enterprises, HP Machines, S&S Fire Equipment No. 62 in victory lane at Lincoln Park.

For Beauchamp, the season has begun to shape up well as his team has the No. 34 sprinter running in top form as the summer begins to heat up around the mid-state. The Fairland, Ind. native placed second in his heat race behind Brownsburg’s AJ Hopkins after a spirited battle to the checkered flag.

The first heat race went to Tyler Hewitt, who held off Billy Puterbaugh to secure a front row starting spot next to Hopkins for the A-main.

When the feature went green, Hewitt took the point ahead of Puterbaugh in the No. 22. Hewitt began to build a small lead eight laps into the race as Hopkins grabbed second with Beauchamp holding a small lead over a wheel-to-wheel battle between Max Mcghee and Brian Hayden.

At the halfway point, Hewitt still held the lead, but Beauchamp had reeled him in as a caution flew with 14 laps in the book.

On the re-start, Beauchamp found the opening he needed as he dove underneath Hewitt to take over the top spot heading into turn three. Hopkins had his sights on Hewitt for the second spot with Hayden and Kent Christian duking it out for the fourth position ahead of Puterbaugh.

One more caution flew with four laps left in the 25-lap feature as Levi Shields came to a stop to set up a final dash for the checkers. As the field went green again, Hayden went to the top and got a good run on Beauchamp, but wasn’t able to gain enough ground on the leader. Beauchamp powered away to the victory as Hopkins edged out Hayden for second. Hewitt placed fourth ahead of Christian.

Shuman’s run in the UMP Modified feature was one that alleviated plenty of frustration after having come close several times already this season. On Saturday night captured the third heat race victory ahead of Hayden as Paul Bumgardner topped Jason Thomas in the second preliminary after Kevin Gummere won the opener over Kenny Carmichael Sr.

From the opening green, Shuman roared to the lead as Bumgardner remained a threat to the leader over the course of the 20-lap feature. With eight laps in the books, Shuman had opened a small advantage as Hayden moved into third ahead of Thomas and Kenny Carmichael Sr.

As the race moved past the halfway point, Shuman continued to hold down the top spot as Bumgardner and Hayden fought for the second spot with an exciting side-by-side battle. Thomas was fourth with five laps to go, but powered forward in the waning circuits to move into second behind Shuman at the line. Shuman’s win came in the S&S Fire Equipment, Print Worx, Little Nugget Bar & Grill, HP Machine No. 62. Thomas, Bumgardner, Hayden and Carmichael Sr. wrapped up the top-five.

McCullough’s night was twice as nice at LPS as the local short tracker held off the charges of Mike Staggs and Kenny Carmichael Jr. to pick up the UMP Super Stock victory. He also started on the pole for the bomber main event and collected the victory ahead of Carlos Bumgardner and Tim Wright.

McCullough’s win in the Jackson Oil Solvents, Freeman Signs, Hobbs Chassis No. 19m as dominant as he pulled out to as much as a straightaway lead before a late caution in the super stock feature. Staggs remained within striking distance after the re-set with five laps remaining, but McCullough locked down the win.

Staggs was runner-up ahead of Carmichael Jr., who moved up from a 12th-place start. Josh Fagg and JR Waktins filled out the top-five.

In the final feature of the night, McCullough finished exactly where he started, up front.

Carlos Bumgardner challenged him throughout, but wasn’t able to get by as last week’s winner, Tim Wright, was third ahead of Brazil’s David Wallen and Joel Shores. Blake Cross placed sixth in the feature.

Saturday will feature the return of the Midwest Sprint Car Series and the super stocks will be highlighted for the running of the Slick Griffin Memorial event.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Brent Beauchamp, 2. AJ Hopkins, 3. Brian Hayden, 4. Tyler Hewitt, 5. Kent Christian, 6. Michael Terry Jr., 7. Keaton Dobbs, 8. Billy Puterbaugh, 9. Max Mcghee, 10. Bub Cummings, 11. Douglas Roberts, 12. Levi Shields, 13. Brandon Morin, 14. Jason Robbins

UMP Modified feature
1. Randy Shuman, 2. Jason Thomas, 3. Paul Bumgardner, 4. Brian Hayden, 5. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 6. Kevin Gummere, 7. Duane Lee, 8. Larry Lambert, 9. Jeff Deckard, 10. Gary Ricketts, 11. Wayne Newlin, 12. Dan Lewellen, 13. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 14. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 15. Wes McClara, 16. Scott Ricketts, 17. Jimmy Hayden, 18. Josh McDaniel, 19. Elijha Heminger, 20. Jacob Houts

B-main winner: Lee

UMP Super Stock feature 1. Doug McCullough, 2. Mike Staggs, 3. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 4. Josh Fagg, 5. JR Watkins, 6. Charles Vanness, 7. Travis Heramb, 8. Josh McDaniel, 9. Tyler Loughmiller, 10. Jeff Shepherd, 11. Harold Grayless, 12. Scott Carrington, 13. Mark Blalock, 14. Chad Nolte, 15. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 16. Kenny Fields, 17. C.J. Bryan, 18. Jason Massie

Bomber feature
1. Doug McCullough, 2. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 3. Tim Wright, 4. David Wallen, 5. Joel Shores Jr., 6. Blake Cross, 7. Tony Tidwell Jr., 8. Damon Harrell, 9. Josh Foxworthy, 10. Bob Farris, 11. Jerry Hutto, 12. Jack Hatton, 13. Eric Miller, 14. Kevin Kemp, 15. Scott Tidwell, 16. Mike Fisher Jr., 17. Daniel Foxworthy, 18. Harry Shepherd, 19. AJ Smith, 20. Josh Settles

B-main winners: Hatton, Daniel Foxworthy