Times Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE –Inclement weather claimed a number of races around the Midwest over the weekend, but diligent work by Lincoln Park Speedway’s track workers after close to two inches of rain on Saturday morning, enabled the Racin’ Fest to go on as scheduled.

While the festivities got off to a delayed start due to the excess moisture in the track,fans were treated to an excellent car count as a number of USAC Sprint veterans unloaded after their race at Eldora Speedway was canceled.

Dave Darland was one of those hotshoes that chose to head to LPS for the $3,000-to-win payday for a feature win and he’s proven to be very tough at the Putnamville oval, claiming victory during the 2010 Indiana Midget Week event on June 17.

Darland would capture the victory in his heat race and earn a fourth starting spot for the A-Main in the Jeff Walker/Jam It In Storage No. 11 Maxim sprinter.

He would start on the outside of Chase Briscoe on behind the front row of Seth Parker and Ethan Barrow.

Barrow held a brief lead to start the main event on a very heavy track. However, he was tailed very closely by the determined Parker, as Darland chased in the third spot ahead of Briscoe, Billy Puterbaugh and Shane Hollingsworth.

Following a couple of early cautions and a red flag for a flip, Parker had assumed the point after making a pass off turn two for the top spot. Darland would jump on the second spot and would tail Parker for the remainder of the circuits.

Darland stayed tight on the tail tank of Parker lap-after-lap as the duo stretched out their lead into lapped traffic. With some rough spots on the track, holding the correct line was priceless and Parker was able to maintain his spot despite the lapped cars. However, as the laps dwindled down Darland became more determined to find that opening for the lead.

As the white flag came out, Darland looked to nose under Parker down the backstretch and into turn three before he was able to find just enough room in turn four to push his nose past Parker and squeeze out a thrilling last lap victory in the Hoosier Tire, Murray’s Body Shop and Super Shox-sponsored Maxim.

Puterbaugh would go on to claim third-place ahead of Barrow, Hollingsworth, Brady Bacon, Anthony Peterman, Brian Olson, Max McGee and CJ Leary.

In the UMP Modified event, the front row starting spots went to Daryl Herbert and Wes Leigh as Paul Bumgardner and Dave Beck made up row two.

On the drop of the green it was Brian Hayden quickly found his way to the front after starting sixth. He had his hands full as Bumgardner and Herbert duked it out behind him in a side-by-side fight for several laps. However, Herbert would be sidelined early in the feature leaving Leigh in a battle with Bumgardner for the top-three.

Beck and Chris Brewer were close behind during the early stages of their own struggle for position.

Up front, Hayden and Bumgardner would open up some space ahead of the pack before traffic became a factor in the second half of the race. With passing lines limited, Hayden was able to create some space using lapped traffic over the final circuits and was able to hold on to pick up the opening night victory in the, Cyclone Custom Products sponsored #2H.

The UMP Super Stock feature shaped up to be one of the best of the night with Josh Burton, Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Kenny Carmichael Sr. all battling to the end.

For much of the race it was Carmichael Sr. and Burton fighting for the lead as Carmichael Jr. jumped into the mix over the second half of the race. Burton stayed up front as Carmichael Jr. went up to the top and through the rough stuff looking for the lead. Carmichael Sr. remained close as farther back, Dan and Doug McCullough were door-to-door for fourth spot.

As Carmichael Sr. looked for an opening up top, he would end up making contact with an infield tire and brought out a caution, moving back to re-start eighth with only a few laps left.

On the re-start, Burton retained his lead as Carmichael Jr. moved alongside him on the top. Carmichael Sr. quickly flew back into the top-four, but wouldn’t catch Burton, who held onto his narrow advantage in the Jerry Burton Masonry machine to claim the victory ahead of Carmichael Jr., Doug McCullough, Carmichael Sr. and Jamie Adams. Brian Kempf, Randy Newport, Rob Paris, Dan McCullough and Bobby Gardner rounded out the top-10.

In the final feature of the night, Lee Hobbs jumped out front from the pole and wasn’t seriously challenged for most of the race despite a couple of cautions midway through the feature. Hobbs, piloting the Hoosier State Realty, Hobbs Chassis, Mundy Floor Covering bomber, would not be caught on this night as Kenny Carmichael Sr. gave chase, but couldn’t catch the No. 0 bomber.

Marty Wilson took third-place ahead of Andrew Pollock, Lee Hall, Corey Gregory, Greg Leitzman, Jeff Cast, Toby Axsom and Danny Ray Wampler.

Next week will be a regular slate of sprints, UMP Modifieds, UMP Super Stocks and bombers at LPS.

Lincoln Park Speedway Indiana Openwheel/D.O. Racing Fest Sprint car feature $3,000-to-win

1. Dave Darland, 2. Seth Parker, 3. Billy Puterbaugh, 4. Ethan Barrow, 5. Shane Hollingsworth, 6. Brady Bacon, 7. Anthony Peterman, 8. Brian Olson, 9. Max McGee, 10. CJ Leary, 10. Logan Jarrett, 11. Ty Deckard, 12. Lance Grimes, 13. Chase Stockon, 14. Chase Briscoe, 15. Jesse Cramer, 16. Bryan Clauson, 17. Dakota Jackson, 18. Joe LaGouri, 19. Travis Welpott UMP Modified feature 1. Brian Hayden, 2. Paul Bumgardner, 3. Wes Leigh, 4. Carlos Bumgardner, 5. Chris Brewer, 6. Dave Beck, 7. Donald Kiger, 8. Tom Cox, 9. Shane Kelly, 10. Scott Ricketts, 11. CJ Bryan, 12. Bill Bradley, 13. Tres Mahler, 14. Josh Edmondson, 15. Gabe Menser, 16. Joel Shoales Jr., 17. Daryl Herbert, 18. Wes McClara, 19. Jacob Houts

UMP Super Stocks 1. Josh Burton, 2. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 3. Doug McCullough, 4. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 5. Jamie Adams, 6. Brian Kempf, 7. Randy Newport, 8. Rob Paris, 9. Dan McCullough, 10. Bobby Gardner, 11. Joe Starks, 12. Kris Starks, 13. Cullen Goodman, 14. Travis Heramb

Bomber feature 1. Lee Hobbs, 2. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 3. Marty Wilson, 4. Andrew Pollock, 5. Lee Hall, 6. Corey Gregory, 7. Greg Leitzman, 8. Jeff Cast, 9. Toby Axsom, 10. Danny Ray Wampler, 11. Megan Cavaness, 12. JR Watkins, 13. Jason Thornburg, 14. Frank Cotton, 15. Josh Fagg, 16. John Grenier Jr., 17. Tony Cochenour, 18. Jared Krick, 19. David Bumgardner