By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE — The 2011 points championships were decided at Lincoln Park Speedway Saturday night as four champions were crowned.

Greencastle’s Paul Bumgardner added his seventh consecutive UMP Modified championship in style as he dominated on his way to a feature victory and a 40-point edge over runner-up Schuyler Nahre.

The sprint car championship went to Ethan Barrow, who came away with a third-place feature finish and a 50-point season edge over Kent Christian. In the UMP Super Stock division, Kenny Carmichael Sr. narrowly edged out Doug McCullough by 11 points after McCullough placed third in Saturday’s A-Main and Carmichael was forced out early and took 16th. The bomber season title went to David Bumgardner, who also had some mechanical problems midway through the feature, but had a sizable advantage on the way to a title by nearly 200 points over runner-up JR Watkins.

If racing fans take anything away from this season’s worth of action it’s the knowledge that it doesn’t matter what car Casey Shuman is in, he can put it in victory lane.

On Saturday, Shuman piloted Robbie Rice’s No. 22 sponsored machine to the finish line for his sixth feature win in his fifth different car this summer. Shuman held off a challenge from Shane Hollingsworth after a mid-race caution and then drove away for a victory by nearly a straightaway. Hollingsworth was second followed by Barrow, Logan Jarrett and Seth Parker in the top-five.

Twenty-six sprint cars were on hand as Jarrett, Shuman and Barrow earned heat race wins and Conner Donelson dominated the B-main for a victory.

Dickie Gaines and Keaton Dobbs made up row one ahead of Shuman and Jarrett.

Shuman would waste little time in jumping out to a lead and flashing out to a comfortable lead and was actually into lapped traffic very early in the A-main. Hollingsworth masterfully worked into second-place as Gaines was forced to the pits.

A caution briefly slowed Shuman’s assault on the field, but his perfect re-start again had the Arizona native out front comfortably, leaving the battle for third through fifth up for grabs. Barrow remained third as Parker and Jarrett were wheel-to-wheel seeking fourth position.

Shuman had the victory in his grip and wouldn’t relinquish it over the final few laps and it was Keaton Dobbs that found his way to sixth followed by Jeff Bland Jr., Donelson came from the tail to place eighth followed by Christian and Josh Burton.

The 2011 modified season has had its share of frustrating results for Bumgardner, but Saturday night he returned to the winner’s circle amongst a throng of family and friends as he celebrated another points championship. Harold Grayless crossed the finish line second ahead of Jimmy Hayden, Wes McClara and Carlos Bumgardner Sr.

Herbert led the first couple of laps before a pile-up in turn four stacked up several cars, including McClara and Carlos Bumgardner, who went to the tail.

On the re-start, Herbert spun in turn four and collected Nahre and opened the door for Paul Bumgardner to take the green up front.

He wouldn’t look back, jumping to the top and rocketing away from the rest of the field for a dominating finish.

In the UMP Super Stock main event, the finish was in debate all the way to the checkered flag as Cullen Goodman was able to hold off a hard charging Steve Peeden following a re-start with one lap remaining. Goodman led from the start, maintaining a small gap over McCullough over the first half of the race as Bobby Davis, Travis Howe, Slick Griffin and Kris Starks gave chase in a pack snarling horsepower.

Peeden was in the mix with that group for several laps as he worked his way up from his eighth-place starting position. He advanced into door-to-door battle with McCullough for several laps and Goodman took advantage to increase his lead as lapped traffic loomed ahead.

Goodman squeezed through a couple of lapped cars in the final two laps and Peeden got hung up. Goodman looked set for an easy final circuit before a caution flag to come out and re-set the field for a one-lap dash for the cash.

On the start, Goodman got a good jump and sealed the win early, as Peeden was unable to catch the winner. McCullough took third ahead of Howe, Davis and Griffin.

In the bomber feature, C.J. Bryan and new teammate, Dustin Shoulders, went 1-2 at the finish line for Crazy 8 Racing. Bryan’s win was his third in barely a month. Scott Tidwell came home third ahead of Josh Foxworthy and Joey Cox in the top-five. Bob Farris, JR Watkins, Kevin Kemp, Chad Nolte and Corey Gregory rounded out the top-10.

Next Saturday will feature sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers along with a post-race Fan Appreciation party.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature
1. Casey Shuman, 2. Shane Hollingsworth, 3. Ethan Barrow, 4. Logan Jarrett, 5. Seth Parker, 6. Keaton Dobbs, 7. Jeff Bland Jr., 8. Conner Conelson, 9. Kent Christian, 10. Josh Burton, 11. Matt Brannin, 12. Josh Cunningham, 13. Bub Cummings, 14. Brian Lake, 15. Nick Johnson, 16. Daylan Chambers, 17. John Nicosin, 18. Dickie Gaines, 19. Troy Link, 20. Doug Heck
B-main winner: Conner Donelson

UMP Modified feature
1. Paul Bumgardner, 2. Harold Grayless, 3. Jimmy Hayden, 4. Wes McClara, 5. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 6. Schuyler Nahre, 7. Rodney Harris Jr., 8. Mike Brown, 9. Jacob Houts, 10. Steve Carpenter, 11. Chris Kerl, 12. Wayne Cooper, 13. Larry Lambert, 14. Darly Herbert, 15. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 16. Dan Lewellen, 17. Shane Kelley, 18. C.J. Bryan, 19. Josh Edmondson, 20. Brian Amos

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Cullen Goodman, 2. Steve Peeden, 3. Doug McCullough, 4. Travis Howe, 5. Bobby Davis, 6. Slick Griffin, 7. Steve Hollars, 8. Travis Heramb, 9. Ryan Huddleston, 10. Rob Paris, 11. Chad Nolte, 12. Dustin Bruce, 13. Paul Wright, 14. Justin Davis, 15. Kris Starks, 16. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 17. Mike Staggs, 18. Jeff Starks, 19. David Wallen, 20. Roy Bruce Jr.
B-main winner: Rob Paris

Bomber feature
1. C.J. Bryan, 2. Dustin Shoulders, 3. Scott Tidwell, 4. Josh Foxworthy, 5. Joey Cox, 6. Bob Farris, 7. JR Watkins, 8. Kevin Kemp, 9. Chad Nolte, 10. Corey Gregory, 11. Josh Presley, 12. Tony Tidwell, 13. Josh Fagg, 14. Elijah Heminger, 15. David Wallen, 16. Michael Harris, 17. Christian York, 18. David Bumgardner, 19. Ron Smith, 20. Donnie Baker
B-main winner: Josh Fagg

Final points standings
Sprint car top-five: Ethan Barrow 1,085, 2. Kent Christian 1,035, 3. Seth Parker 992, 4. Shane Hollingsworth 843, 5. Logan Jarrett 839

UMP Modified top-five: 1. Paul Bumgardner 1,247, 2. Schuyler Nahre 1,207, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr. 1,047, 4. Wes McClara 1,040, 5. Carlos Bumgardner Sr. 1,018

UMP Super Stock top-five: 1. Kenny Carmichael Sr. 1,259, 2. Doug McCullough 1,248, 3. Slick Griffin 1,124, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr. 1,068, 5. Mike Staggs 1,056

Bomber top-five: David Bumgardner 1,252, 2. JR Watkins 1,059, 3. Scott Tidwell 1,018, 4. Corey Gregory 978, 5. Kevin Kemp 961