By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Pit area parking was at a premium Saturday night at Lincoln Park Speedway with the ninth running of the Patriot 100 for UMP Modifieds on the schedule as well as the “King of Non-Wing” event for sprint cars. The result was a field of nearly 200 cars on hand to compete in four classes of action.
The UMP Modifieds took center stage on this evening with 100 laps sorting out the newest champion of the $3,000 event. Devin Gilpin took the lead just before the halfway stoppage and wasn’t seriously challenged the remainder of the way as he scored his 32nd feature win of 2012. Gilpin pulled away over the final 25 laps to top Jesse Cramer and build upon his UMP National Points lead. Trent Young placed third ahead of Dave Beck and Nate Zimmer in the top-five.

A massive field of 72 UMP Modifieds was on hand as the group qualified, ran six heat races taking the top-two out of each. The remainder of the field was forced to run one of six B-main races with the top-three from each tagging the back of the A-main for the “Patriot 100.”

Starting the feature, Paul Bumgardner was on the pole, but was forced to the back of the field after an early spin. Dave Beck and Bradley Sterrett were up front for the early laps before Bumgardner’s spin on lap 10. Following the caution, Sterrett tried to find room to pass Beck on the bottom as Paul Miles and Scott Orr battled ahead of Craig Conyer.

Meanwhile, Gilpin was fighting his way forward after being forced to run one of the B-mains. After starting ninth, Gilpin had already made his way up to third as he chose the top line to make his charge forward through the field.

A caution came out as the No. 79d of John DeMoss slowed while running eighth in a battle with Jesse Cramer. The re-start gave Gilpin just the chance he needed as he climbed higher on the track and made the pass of Beck that would eventually stand the remainder of the race.

At the halfway mark, Gilpin led Sterrett, Beck, Orr, Cramer, Young, Todd Sherman and Bumgardner.
After a break for the drivers and crews to make set up and tire changes, the race resumed, but Bumgardner’s night concluded with 59 laps down. Up front, Cramer climbed to third-place, but Gilpin was pulling away from the field.

With 25 laps remaining, Cramer advanced to second with Young a distant third as Sterrett pulled to the pits.
No one would challenge Gilpin the rest of the way as he worked past a couple of lapped cars down the stretch on the way to picking up the “Patriot 100” victory.

In the King of Non-Wing for sprint cars, “The Iceman” Coleman Gulick put together a red hot run after starting outside of the second row. Gulick got to the front over the first couple of circuits and wouldn’t look back. Jeff Bland Jr. gave chase ahead of Casey Shuman and Thomas Meseraull, but Gulick slowly built upon his lead over the second half of the feature. The New York native masterfully picked off lapped cars at the top of the LPS oval and cruised to the win and the $2,000 payday.

On this evening, all sprint cars ran a feature and after Gulick’s main event victory, two additional features were run to accommodate the massive field of sprinters. In the second feature, Nick Drake came home with the win after he passed Ethan Barrow coming out of turn three on the final lap. The third feature of the evening was just as exciting as Logan Hupp led much of the feature before Tyler Courtney caught him the final couple laps. Courtney made a daring challenge of Hupp for the lead with one lap remaining and the two made contact. Courtney was credited with the pass and he was able to hold off Shuman and Meseraull on the re-start to claim the victory.

With an already late evening getting later, the UMP Super Stocks took to the track and it was Cullen Goodman getting past Slick Griffin midway through the A-main and then holding off Steve Peeden over the final laps to get the win. Griffin held down third ahead of Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Carmichael Sr.

The final feature of Saturday night was won by CJ Bryan as he took advantage of some problems by leader Jeff Beggs late in the bomber race and then held off his car owner, Marlin Burns, to add yet another A-main title.
Beggs led from the opening green flag and looked as if he might be able to hold off the field. However, as Bryan and Burns joined the mix for the lead, Beggs slowed and was forced to the pits, which opened the door for Bryan.

The Terre Haute native took over the point and didn’t look back in gaining the win as the final checkered flag flew at 5:20 a.m.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Ninth “Patriot 100” for UMP Modifieds

1. Devin Gilpin, 2. Jesse Cramer, 3. Trent Young, 4. Dave Beck, 5. Nate Zimmer, 6. Clint DeMoss, 7. Scott Orr, 8. Todd Sherman, 9. Randy Lines, 10. Joey Cramer, 11. Levi Kissinger, 12. Bradley Sterrett, 13. Tyler Weiss, 14. Paul Bumgardner, 15. Paul Miles, 16. Craig Conyer, 17. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 18. John DeMoss, 19. Aaron Orr, 20. Scott Ricketts

“King of Non-wing” Sprint car feature
1. Coleman Gulick, 2. Casey Shuman, 3. Thomas Meseraull, 4. Jeff Bland Jr., 5. Kyle Cummins, 6. Chase Briscoe, 7. AJ Hopkins, 8. Brady Short, 9. Brent Beauchamp, 10. Braylon Fitzpatrick, 11. Jon Siscoe, 12. Dakota Jackson, 13. Kent Christian, 14. Chris Gurley, 15. Bub Cummings, 16. Parker Price Miller, 17. Jason Soudrette, 18. Conner Conelson, 19. CJ Leary, 20. Ryan Pace, 21. Josh Burton

Sprint car feature 2 top-10
1. Nick Drake, 2. Ethan Barrow, 3. James Bradshaw, 4. Brian Lake, 5. Daylan Chambers, 6. Garrett Abrams, 7. Danny Harris, 8. Matt Thompson, 9. Rod Henning, 10. Dwayne Spille

Sprint car feature 3 top-10
1. Tyler Courtney, 2. Shawn Krockenberger, 3. Brandon Mattox, 4. Chris Phillips, 5. Jarrett Andretti, 6. Daren Krockenberger, 7. Randy Hickey, 8. Jeremy Giles, 9. Shawn Miller, 10. Logan Hupp

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Cullen Goodman, 2. Steve Peeden, 3. Slick Griffin, 4. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 5. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 6. Doug McCullough, 7. Mike Staggs, 8. Troy Clark, 9. Kyle Loughlin, 10. JR Watkins, 11. Bobby Davis, 12. Travis Heramb, 13. Dale McCullough Jr., 14. Kris Starks, 15. Jake Leitzman, 16. Steve Ware, 17. Marty Cooper, 18. Christian York, 19. Jason Cockerham, 20. Jeremy Helton, 21. Tyler Cain, 22. Josh McDaniel, 23. Dustin Bruce, 24. Robert Albright, 25. Roy Bruce Jr., 26. Justin Davis, 27. Chris Hillman

Bomber feature
1. C.J. Bryan, 2. Marlin Burns, 3. Josh Foxworthy, 4. Tim Wright, 5. David Bumgardner, 6. Scott Tidwell, 7. David Wallen, 8. Kevin Kemp, 9. Frank Cotton, 10. Jeff Cast, 11. Doug Parker, 12. Jack Campbell, 13. James Walters, 14. Kyle Krupa, 15. Don Grant, 16. Jerry Hutto, 17. Damon Harrell, 18. Ronald Blake, 19. Megan Cavaness, 20. Jeff Beggs, 21. Josh Presley, 22. Daniel Foxworthy, 23. Mike Fisher Jr., 24. John Young, 25. Ron Smith, 26. Josh Settles, 27. Chris Schepper, 28. Tom Courtney, 29. Jake Waggoner, 30. Blake Cross