By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Josh Burton has been one of the quickest rising stars of Indiana sprint car racing this season. On Saturday night, he parlayed a turn three slide job and excellent throttle control into his second feature victory of the season at Lincoln Park Speedway.
Burton was able to reel in the charging Jon Sciscoe over the second half of the A-main and made his decisive move with seven laps remaining to gain the win.

Sciscoe was the man to beat over much of the feature as he pulled away from his pole spot on the start to as much as a full straightaway advantage on the field. Burton was back in the ninth position when the green flag waved, but he worked his way forward on a slick track. With Matt Thompson and Brent Beauchamp battling for second, Sciscoe was able to get out to what appeared to be an insurmountable advantage. Burton moved forward into the sixth position as Brett Burdette and Conner Donelson fought for the fourth spot. With Burton masterfully working the bottom line, he dove beneath Beauchamp on a restart and gave chase on the leader.

As the laps counted down, Burton made his move on a slider alongside Sciscoe that gave him a slight advantage off of turn four. The pair battled to the wire as Sciscoe ran the cushion, but Burton made his momentum on the bottom stick over the final laps.
Burton crossed the line just ahead of the charging Sciscoe with Beauchamp in tow followed by Eric Smith and Burdette.

Much like the sprint car feature, the UMP Modified main event went down to the wire as well as Paul Bumgardner was able to chase down Kenny Carmichael Jr. down the stretch to claim his fourth feature win of the year at LPS.
Carmichael pulled out to a strong lead early, ahead of pole sitter Dan Lewellen. However, Larry Lambert and Craig Conyer were closely in tow with Bumgardner biding his time ahead of Brian Yeatman.

The lead pack would begin to separate as Carmichael built his lead over the second-place Yeatman. Lewellen was running in third before Bumgardner was able to overtake him, but the top-six spots were seriously in doubt through the middle of the A-main.
Yeatman and Bumgardner battled for the runner-up spot for several circuits before the bottom line paid off once more for Bumgardner. He moved into second and set his sights on Carmichael, who was on the cushion.

Several cautions slowed the field, but once the feature went green it was Bumgardner that was able to make the bottom work ahead of Conyer and the door-to-door fight for fourth between Yeatman and Carmichael Sr.

Both Carmichael Jr. and Bumgardner were side-by-side for the lead, swapping the top spot before Bumgardner edged past on the white flag lap. He was able to hold down that spot as Carmichael Jr. crossed the finish line in second ahead of Conyer, Yeatman and Carmichael Jr.
In the UMP Super Stock feature, Carmichael Sr. would cash in as he finished out front of a wild battle between five cars on the way to the checkered flag.

Chris Hillman battled his way to the front of the field after starting ninth and became a factor after getting past a charging group that included Dustin Shoulders, Steve Peeden and Doug McCullough. Carmichael would lead early after getting by Shoulders, but the point was far from secure over the duration of the race. Shoulders and Peeden provided early thrills in the fight for second, but McCullough and Hillman were close behind.
The main pack up front saw Carmichael and Shoulders fighting for the win late before Shoulders pulled off the track. The opening left by Shoulders’ misfortune was taken by a wheel-to-wheel fight between Hillman and Peeden over the final laps. Carmichael got all he could handle over the final lap from Hillman, but maintained the lead across the finish line.

Peeden was right on the leaders’ bumpers for third-place ahead of McCullough, Billy Frye, Roy Bruce Jr., Kenny Carmichael Jr., Mike Staggs, Josh Fagg and Josh McDaniel

The final feature of the night was led wire-to-wire by Tim Wright, who held off a race long challenge from Josh Foxworthy to win his second A-main at LPS. CJ Bryan fought his way to third from his 10th-place starting spot, David Wallen captured fourth followed by Dustin Shoulders.
This weekend will feature a regular show of sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers at Lincoln Park Speedway.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Josh Burton, 2. Jon Sciscoe, 3. Brent Beauchamp, 4. Eric Smith, 5. Brett Burdette, 6. Troy Link, 7. Bub Cummings, 8. Lance Hayden, 9. Patrick Giddens, 10. Conner Conelson, 11. Matt Thompson, 12. Garrett Abrams, 13. Drew Dorsett, 14. AJ Hopkins, 15. Randy Hickey, 16. Bradley Crone, 17. Warren Perkins, 18. Shawn Miller, 19. Ryan Pace

UMP Modified feature
1. Paul Bumgardner, 2. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 3. Craig Conyer, 4. Brian Yeatman, 5. Kenny Carimichael Sr., 6. Jacob Houts, 7. Randy Shuman, 8. Larry Lambert, 9. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 10. Mike Brown, 11. Gary Ricketts, 12. Michael Kettnich, 13. Jaymie Turner, 14. Rob Fuqua, 15. Brett Andrew, 16. Dan Lewellen, 17. Andrew Auler, 18. Josh Boller, 19. Glenn Andrew, 20. Ken Kelley

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Chris Hillman, 3. Steve Peeden, 4. Doug McCullough, 5. Billy Frye, 6. Roy Bruce Jr., 7. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 8. Mike Staggs, 9. Josh Fagg, 10. Josh McDaniel, 11. JR Watkins, 12. Dustin Bruce, 13. Dustin Shoulders, 14. Slick Griffin, 15. Kris Starks, 16. Chad Nolte, 17. Christian York, 18. Travis Heramb, 19. Chris Bennett, 20. Steve Ware, 21. Doug Bryant Jr.

Bomber feature
1. Tim Wright, 2. Josh Foxworthy, 3. CJ Bryan, 4. David Wallen, 5. Scott Tidwell, 6. Dustin Shoulders, 7. Tom Courtney, 8. David Bumgardner, 9. Josh Settles, 10. Tony Tidwell, 11. Kevin Kemp, 12. Jeff Beggs, 13. Blake Cross, 14. John Young, 15. Mike Fisher Jr., 16. Josh Presley, 17. Daniel Foxworthy, 18. Jerry Hutto, 19. Justin Minardo, 20. Ron Smith