By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Lincoln Park Speedway played host to a large contingent of stock cars on Saturday night as the sprint cars took the night off and gave way to the UMP Modifieds, UMP Super Stocks and bombers.

A $1,000 was on hand for the UMP Modifieds and it was Jesse Cramer making his first appearance at the Putnamville oval this season and picking up the lion’s share of the money.

Larry Lambert started on the outside of row two and fought his way forward during the early stages of the feature with Craig Conyer and Cramer fighting for the lead. Lambert built a small advantage of several car lengths as Conyer and Cramer duked it out top-to-bottom for the second spot. Randy Shuman was an aggressive fourth as Kenny Carmichael Sr. was fifth. As Lambert held down his lead, the frontrunners began to find traffic as Cramer reeled him closer. The pressure mounted for Lambert as traffic decreased his lead. Cramer had Conyer on his bumper as the front few had some space. However, that just made the battle more entertaining.

Lambert had Cramer by a few lengths before extended lapped traffic played a final role. The lead pack found a last lapped car that gave Cramer the chance to pull into a three-wide shot for the big money. Cramer and Lambert fought for the top spot for two laps before it was Cramer that edged into the top spot. Conyer was close in tow behind Lambert as the signal for five laps to go came out.

With few laps remaining, Cramer took control and Conyer made his way past Lambert down the stretch. Over the final circuits, Cramer held down the victory in his Diamond Race Car, R&R Construction, Davis Automotive-sponsored No. 12. Randy Shuman placed fourth with Kenny Carmichael Sr., Paul Bumgardner, Steve Godsey, Brad Barrow, Joe Godsey and Kenny Carmichael Jr. wrapped up the top-10.

Greg Owens made his first appearance at Lincoln Park Speedway of 2012 pay off as he piloted his No. 18 into victory lane for the first time this season.

Owens took the lead early on and battled several early cautions without hesitation. Owens had Troy Clark fighting for another victory in his powerful No. 13 ride, but Owens was up to the challenge.

Owens built himself a solid lead as Clark gave chase, but the real battle was behind the leaders.
Will Fagg, Kenny Carmichael Sr., Doug McCullough, Dustin Shoulders and last week’s LPS winner, Steve Peeden, were within inches of each other in a dog fight for the third position. While Owens had the top spot locked in ahead of Clark, the fans were intent on an incredibly intense fight for the top-five.

Carmichael and Shoulders sorted themselves into a challenge for third along with McCullough, but on this evening it was Carmichael that rolled to third with an edge on the challengers. Shoulders took fourth followed by McCullough, Steve Peeden, Mike Staggs, Slick Griffin, Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Jacob Wright.

The final feature of the evening went to David Bumgardner, a week before his birthday, giving him his fifth feature win of the year.
Jeff Beggs and Bumgardner led the pack over the early circuits as Josh Foxworthy closed the gap ahead of Tom Courtney and CJ Bryan. As Bumgardner began to build a small lead, Beggs was charged with holding off a side-by-side duel between Foxworthy and Bryan with Mike Fisher Jr. close behind in the fifth spot.

Bumgardner’s lead grew slightly as Beggs slowed briefly as Foxworthy took over the second position and began to reel Bumgardner in down the stretch.

With five laps remaining, Foxworthy closed in on Bumgardner’s bumper as the two fought to the wire.
On the final lap, Foxworthy pulled even with the leader through the final turns, but Bumgardner was able to edge him out at the finish line for the victory. Bryan claimed the third spot ahead of Fisher Jr., Josh Presley and Beggs. Kevin Kemp was seventh ahead of Daniel Foxworthy, Ron Smith and Frank Cotton.
This weekend will feature the King of Non-wing for sprint cars with UMP Modifieds, UMP Super Stocks and bombers on tap along with fireworks by Circle City Pyrotechnics.

Lincoln Park Speedway
UMP Modified feature

1. Jesse Cramer, 2. Craig Conyer, 3. Larry Lambert, 4. Randy Shuman, 5. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 6. Paul Bumgardner, 7. Steve Godsey, 8. Brad Barrow, 9. Joe Godsey, 10. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 11. Travis Shoulders, 12. Matt Boknecht, 13. Chad Combs, 14. Eric Varner, 15. Gary Ricketts, 16. Jacob Houts, 17. Stephen Schnapf, 18. Jake Humphrey, 19. Rob Fuqua, 20. Andrew Auler
B-main winner: Fuqua
Heat winners: Gary Ricketts, Paul Bumgardner, Conyer, Shuman

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Greg Owens, 2. Troy Clark, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Dustin Shoulders, 5. Doug McCullough, 6. Steve Peeden, 7. Mike Staggs, 8. Slick Griffin, 9. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 10. Jacob Wright, 11. JR Watkins, 12. Christian York, 13. Kyle Laughlin, 14. Mark Blalock, 15. Josh Fagg, 16. Kris Starks, 17. Dale McCullough, 18. Josh McDaniel, 19. Robert Albright, 20. Travis Heramb
B-main winner: McDaniel
Heat winners: Clark, Carmichael Sr., Owens

Bomber feature
1. David Bumgardner, 2. Josh Foxworthy, 3. C.J. Bryan, 4. Mike Fisher Jr., 5. Josh Presley, 6. Jeff Beggs, 7. Kevin Kemp, 8. Daniel Foxworthy, 9. Ron Smith, 10. Frank Cotton, 11. Jerry Hutto, 12. Doug Parker, 13. Marlin Burns, 14. Josh Settles, 15. Tom Courtney, 16. Harry Shepherd, 17. Megan Cavaness, 18. Jeff Cast, 19. Blake Cross, 20. David Wallen
Heat winners: Bryan, Courtney