By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE – Lincoln Park Speedway hosted its final race of the 2012 season as Jon Sciscoe, Brian Hayden, Slick Griffin and Brandon Roundtree posted feature victories.

Sciscoe has found his way to victory lane this year at LPS and he made his pole start stand up in the sprint car feature.

Starting on the inside of row one, Sciscoe had his hands full early with Josh Burton as the Bloomington youngster was able to hold off the advances of Conner Donelson during the early stages of the A-main. However, Seth Parker and season points champion Brent Beauchamp were giving chase. Donelson threw a slider on Burton in turn four during the opening third of the main event and made it stick. However, Burton slowed shortly afterwards as Kent Christian was collected and flipped to bring out the red flag.

Christian would exit his own No. 1c on his own power with eight laps in the book.

With 13 laps scored, Sciscoe held the point ahead of Parker, Donelson, Beauchamp and Bub Cummings. Beauchamp was able to chase down Donelson two laps later for the runner-up spot, but Parker was close behind and seeking the same position.

Five laps stood between Sciscoe and another win for legendary car owner, Paul Hazen. When the field stayed green, Sciscoe built a small lead over Parker, who was able to hold down the second spot ahead of Beauchamp and Donelson at the finish line.

In the UMP Modified feature, Hayden started seventh in the A-main as Paul Bumgardner edged out front of Carlos Bumgardner early in the feature. However, Paul Bumgardner would lose a tire while leading the feature solidly as Carlos Bumgardner caught him with Eric Varner and Hayden dueling for the third position. Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Kenny Carmichael Jr. were in tow and battling between themselves side-by-side.

Once Paul Bumgardner gave up the lead and brought out the caution, Hayden took the opportunity to dive past Carlos Bumgardner for the top spot. Once he was out front, Hayden began to pull away as a three-way fight for second developed between Varner, Carlos Bumgardner and Kenny Carmichael Sr. the trio fought, three-wide for several laps down the stretch before the checkered flag.

Hayden found himself in victory lane for the seventh time this season as Carlos Bumgardner took the second spot ahead of Carmichael Sr. and Varner.

Brazil’s Slick Griffin started on the pole in the UMP Super Stock A-main and held off a determined challenge from Troy Clark, who gained the UMP National Points Championship with his runner-up finish in the feature.

Griffin had Clark and Steve Peeden challenging him nearly the entire duration of the feature as Roy Bruce Jr. and Doug McCullough were in tow. A multi-car pileup that included AJ Clark, nearly cost Peeden and Troy Clark a spot at the front of the field, but the two were able to continue on without stopping.

On the re-start, Griffin held off Clark’s attempt at a pass to stay on the point as Bruce and Peeden duked it out door-to-door. With five laps remaining, Griffin was locked in and kept on top of the field as Clark cruised home second to clinch a narrow points title ahead of third-place finisher, Bruce Jr.

In the final feature of the evening, Roundtree started up front and stayed there in the bomber division as season points champion, C.J. Bryan gave chase throughout. Roundtree survived a re-start with seven laps remaining to hold off Bryan and David Bumgardner.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature

1. Jon Sciscoe, 2. Seth Parker, 3. Brent Beauchamp, 4. Conner Conelson, 5. Bub Cummings, 6. Lance Hayden, 7. Rod Henning, 8. Tony Main, 9. Danny Holtsclaw, 10. Josh Burton, 11. Patrick Giddens, 12. A.J. Martin, 13. Chris Babcock, 14. Jarrett Andretti, 15. Daren Krockenberger, 16. Brian Lake, 17. Parker Price Miller, 18. Daylan Chambers, 19. Kent Christian, 20. Jeff Bland Jr.
B-main winner: Holtclaw
Heat winner: Sciscoe, Burton, Donelson

UMP Modified feature
1. Brian Hayden, 2. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Eric Varner, 5. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 6. Jacob Houts, 7. Kevin Gummere, 8. Mike Brown, 9. Bruce Newlin Jr., 10. Michael Beatty, 11. Doug Bryant Jr., 12. Gary Ricketts, 13. Mike Staggs, 14. Dan Lewellen, 15. Paul Bumgardner, 16. Brent Hudson, 17. Rusty Giles, 18. Josh Edmondson, 19. David Collier, 20. Jimmy Hayden
Heat winners: Ricketts, Paul Bumgardner

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Slick Griffin, 2. Troy Clark, 3. Roy Bruce Jr., 4. Steve Peeden, 5. Doug McCullough, 6. Mike Staggs, 7. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 8. Travis Howe, 9. Josh Settles, 10. AJ Clark, 11. Tyler Loughmiller, 12. Kyle Loughlin, 13. JR Watkins, 14. Dale McCullough Jr., 15. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 16. Jeremy Stierwalt, 17. Kris Starks, 18. Josh McDaniel, 19. Karl Rothemeier
Heat winners: Griffin, Peeden

Bomber feature
1. Brandon Roundtree, 2. C.J. Bryan, 3. David Bumgardner, 4. Michael Conner, 5. Joey Cox, 6. Tom Cox, 7. Kevin Kemp, 8. Frank Cotton, 9. John Young, 10. Jeff Cast, 11. Tom Courtney, 12. Megan Cavaness, 13. Joe Blomouser, 14. Lenny Krupa, 15. Jeff Beggs, 16. Ron Smith, 17. David Wallen, 18. Brian Sims, 19. Chris Schepper, 20. Jerry Hutto, 21. Josh Litton, 22. Jack Campbell
B-main winner: Frank Cotton
Heat winners: Bryan, Bumgardner, Schepper