By CAREY FOXPUTNAMVILLE — Chalk up a victory for Lincoln Park Speedway and a very diligent promoter in Joe Spiker, a hard working staff and a superb group of drivers and fans on Saturday night.

Everyone in attendance had a hand in making the weekend a success and besting Mother Nature’s efforts to wash out the night’s festivities. Despite an off-and-on drizzle and a gloomy radar throughout most of the afternoon, racing would continue albeit with a bit of a later start than usual. However, a talented group of 33 sprint car drivers were on hand to battle for a $2,000-to-win pay day on what turned out to be a very quick Putnamville surface.

Shane Hollingsworth has had quite a run over the last few contested evenings at LPS and provided some more dramatics this time around.

On April 17, Hollingsworth made a last lap pass to nose out Casey Shuman at the finish line. Saturday night it appeared that Shuman would once more get his first Lincoln Park victory of the season, leading the entire race. However, Hollingsworth crept up over the remaining handful of laps before squeezing under Shuman with two laps to go for his second win of the year to go with a runner-up finish on May 8.

Hollingsworth won his heat race ahead of Justin Marvel and Billy Puterbaugh and Dakota Jackson showed the quick line around the track for a win over Shuman and Dickie Gaines in the second heat. The third heat went to Chris Babcock over Jesse Cramer and Kevin Chambers claimed the fourth heat over James Bradshaw and Scotty Weir. Seth Parker made the A-Main with an impressive run in the semi-feature for a victory.

In the 25-lap feature, Marvel’s hopes of a win were shortlived after he tagged the cushion on the opening corner and got upside down to bring out the red flag. He was uninjured in the mishap, but his No. 35 sprinter was hauled back to the trailer.

On the re-start, Shuman assumed the lead and began to put some space between himself and Babcock with Hollingsworth and Weir in tow.

With a slight drizzle beginning to fall, Weir brought out the caution with a spin that sent him to the back. He would begin to work his way back through the field near the mid-point before he brought out the second red with a wild ride off of turn three’s banking. Weir was also uninjured in his crash.

On the wave of the green, Shuman resumed the lead ahead of Babcock and Hollingsworth as Cramer entered the mix as Jackson and Gaines battled side-by-side for the fifth spot. Puterbaugh brought out a caution late in the race with an apparent mechanical issue as he pulled to a stop on the backstretch.

The late re-start proved to be one too many for Shuman as Hollingsworth was able to take over second as Babcock slipped back to fifth behind Cramer. Hollingsworth had all he could handle with a challenge from Gaines running the cushion. However, with two laps left, Shuman was holding onto his line despite what appeared to be a leaking valve and some smoke coming from under the hood of the No. 4 sprinter.

Hollingsworth dove to the bottom and squeezed by coming off turn four and Shuman wasn’t able to make up the ground. Hollingsworth came by to take the checkers a lap later to edge Shuman and Gaines across the line. Cramer too fourth ahead of Babcock, Kenny Carmichael Jr., Ray Humphrey, Jackson, Bub Cummings and Alvin Brantley.

Hollingsworth extends his points lead to 39 over Marvel with Shuman in third.

Picking up a UMP Modified win on Saturday wasn’t going to be easy as a tough bunch of competitors strapped in for competition.

Rob Fuqua claimed the first heat ahead of Carlos Bumgardner and Wes McClara and Craig Conyer won the second heat with Paul Bumgardner in tow. Clint DeMoss set the tone for his evening with a win in heat three over Chris Kerl and Brad Robinson.
In the feature, Conyer seemed to have a stranglehold on the point as Fuqua and DeMoss gave chase. Paul and Carlos Bumgardner were duking it out for the fourth spot early in the race before a caution waved as Brian Hayden left the track with some mechanical problems.

On the re-start, Fuqua slipped back to fourth as he and current points leader, Paul Bumgardner, raced side-by-side. Conyer and DeMoss began to separate themselves a bit as lapped traffic approached late in the race. Bumgardner edged ahead of Fuqua for a moment and Chris Brewer locked horns with Wes McClara for the sixth position.

As the leaders got into traffic, Conyer got caught behind a lapped car and DeMoss was able to slip past on the top to grab a narrow lead. With just a couple laps remaining, DeMoss cashed in on the victory as Conyer settled for second ahead of Fuqua, Paul Bumgardner, Carlos Bumgardner, Brewer, McClara, Josh Boller, Brad Robinson and Travis Shoulders.

DeMoss’ win came in a Diamond Racecar sponsored by B&W Auto Mart, Hoosier Drywall, CIS Rubber Tracks and A+ Performance and was powered by a Travis Kern Engine.

In the UMP Super Stock feature, Kenny Carmichael Sr. started up front and had his hands full early with Danny Harris as Slick Griffin and points leader, Chris Hillman, battled for third. Kris Starks and Brett Smedley were close behind the lead pack with their own scrum brewing.

Carmichael kept his nose clean in the lead and began to build a lead in the clean air before lapped traffic dissolved his lead and Harris was right back on his tail. Carmichael was able to get through the lapped cars with the lead intact, but Griffin and Harris made contact to bring out the caution as both cars went to the tail.

When the feature resumed, Carmichael got all he wanted from Hillman over the remaining several laps. Hillman made a big run on the final circuit, showing Carmichael his nose off turn four, but couldn’t get by as Carmichael claimed his second feature win of the year and remained second in points. Starks took third with Bumgardner in fourth, Smedley took fifth followed by Travis Howe, Travis Heramb, Harris, Griffin and Brandon Engler rounded out the top-10.

In the final feature of the evening, C.J. Bryan finally put some of his bad feature luck behind him, scoring the victory in a Barn Built Race Car sponsored by Pott’s Tax Service, Dean’s Party Mania, Maher Contracting, AG Lawn Care and Joe’s Hobby Barn.

Bryan was able to hold off David Bumgardner over the duration of the feature in an entertaining battle up front. Dustin Shoulders worked his way forward from 13th starting position for third ahead of Lloyd Walls and David Wallen. Dale Lewis and Walls put on a great show while battling for fourth much of the feature. Lewis took sixth at the checkers followed by Tony Cochenour, Josh Settles, Jordan Almanza and Blake Cross.

Next week will be a regular scheduled slate with sprints, modifieds, super stocks and bombers, but will also feature the Little Feet Challenge bicycle race for kids.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature
1. Shane Hollingsworth, 2. Casey Shuman, 3. Dickie Gaines, 4. Jesse Cramer, 5. Chris Babcock, 6. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 7. Ray Humphrey, 8. Dakota Jackson, 9. Bub Cummings, 10. Alvin Brantley, 11. Seth Parker, 12. Danny Williams Jr., 13. Landon Simon, 14. James Bradshaw, 15. Billy Puterbaugh, 16. Kevin Chambers, 17. Scotty Weir, 18. Todd Kimmell, 19. Troy Link, 20. Justin Marvel B-main winner: Seth Parker

UMP Modified feature
1. Clint DeMoss, 2. Craig Conyer, 3. Rob Fuqua, 4. Paul Bumgardner, 5. Carlos Bumgardner, 6. Chris Brewer, 7. Wes McClara, 8. Josh Boller, 9. Brad Robinson, 10. Travis Shoulders, 11. Greg Amick, 12. Jimmy Hayden, 13. Scott Ricketts, 14. Bradley Sterrett, 15. Keno Brewer, 16. Gary Hall, 17. Chris Kerl, 18. Richie Lex, 19. Michael Purtlebaugh, 20. Roger Mills, 21. Brian Hayden, 22. Brian Amos, 23. Dan Lewellen

UMP Super Stock feature
1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Chris Hillman, 3. Kris Starks, 4. Paul Bumgardner, 5. Brett Smedley, 6. Travis Howe, 7. Travis Heramb, 8. Danny Harris, 9. Slick Griffin, 10. Brandon Engler, 11. Matt Jordan, 12. Jamie Adams, 13. Scott Carrington, 15. Gary Archer Jr., 15. Joe Starks, 16. Jake Waggoner, 17. Doug McCullough

Bomber feature
1. C.J. Bryan, 2. David Bumgardner, 3. Dustin Shoulders, 4. Lloyd Walls, 5. David Wallen, 6. Dale Lewis, 7. Tony Cochenour, 8. Josh Settles, 9. Jordan Almanza, 10. Blake Cross, 11. Richard Watkins, 12. Ron Wallen Sr., 13. Corey Gregory, 14. Frank Cotton, 15. Josh Presley, 16. Billy Tarrh, 17. Barry Hicks, 18. Chad Nolte, 19. Sally Yakel, 20. Larry Shelley