By CAREY FOXTimes Sports Editor

PUTNAMVILLE — If there ever were any doubts about the entertainment value at Lincoln Park Speedway, they were certainly alleviated on a Saturday night that had a little bit of everything.

It took a review of the video as well as the scoring info to declare a sprint car winner as Russ Harper claimed the feature win after Bub Cummings was originally given the victory as both drivers finished within inches of each other.

The photo finish was the capper to a wild three-way battle to the line as Seth Parker was also part of a thrilling handful of final laps.

Harper took over the lead after Jesse Cramer’s mechanical problems halted his shot at the feature victory and Troy Link was threatening for the win as well before he also pulled off late in the feature.
Harper, who claimed a sprint win in the latter stages of the 2009 LPS season, took over the point, but had Cummings and Parker breathing down his tail tank with Shane Hollingsworth in the mix as well.

Over the final laps, Harper was making the middle line of the track work as Parker ran the rim to perfection. Cummings chose the bottom and had his No. 71 Cummings Machine Shop ride hooked up as well. The final lap madness saw Harper come out of turn two with a half car length advantage. He stretched that gap to 10 feet heading down the back stretch with Parker just ahead of Cummings as the trio threw their sprinters into turn three in search of that extra bit of momentum.

Parker and Hollingsworth slid high into turn four hoping for a big run to the checkers as Harper left a small window at underneath that Cummings locked on to. As the group rocketed off turn four, Cummings came out of the corner with a car length advantage, but Harper slingshot off the middle with great bite and fired past Cummings by inches at the finish line.

The finish was so close that Cummings was originally awarded the win as both drivers came to victory lane after the final circuit. When Cummings was originally given the win, a very gracious Harper shook his counterpart’s hand as the crowd roared its approval after an incredible race to the finish. After officials reviewed the video from D.O. Laycock and discussing the finish amongst official scorers and photos, Harper was awarded the victory.

Cummings takes second with Hollingsworth edging out Parker for third at the line. Billy Puterbaugh came back from a 17th-place start and an early spin to claim fifth ahead of Shawn Krockenberger, Jason Holt, Chris Babcock, James Bradshaw and Marvel.

Saturday night was also the running of the Super Stock Summer 30 with $500 on the line for the victor.

Danny Harris started outside of the front row and used that clean air to hold to claim the victory.

Harris had his hands full with a great challenge by both Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Brett Smedley. Harris ran the top line on the cushion, but Carmichael made a late move to get past down the backstretch, but lost the spot heading into turn one as he was held up by a lapped car just long enough for Harris to reclaim the lead. Harris went on to pick up the win and the winner’s share ahead of Smedley, Carmichael, Steve Peeden, Slick Griffin, Brad Cummings, Kenny Carmichael Jr., Paul Bumgardner, Marty Cooper and Steve Sheeks.

Clint DeMoss is quickly showing that he is a legitimate threat to challenge for a UMP National Points Championship in the modified division.

As car counts have risen along with the purse at Lincoln Park Speedway, DeMoss has elevated his success right along with it and on Saturday, claimed his second victory of the week at LPS, his ninth feature win of the season.

Paul Bumgardner appeared poised to claim the victory himself as he built an early lead after starting from the outside of the front row alongside Carlos Bumgardner.

Carlos Bumgardner and Jimmy Hayden duked it out for the second spot as Travis Shoulders and DeMoss raced for the fourth spot ahead of Wes McClara and Josh Boller.

Hayden’s strong run would end on a late restart as he pulled to the pits and Carlos Bumgardner would slip over the cushion briefly in turn two, which opened the door for Shoulders and DeMoss to race past side-by-side. Behind them, Bumgardner, Boller and McClara were three-wide.

DeMoss reeled Bumgardner in and the two went door-to-door for several laps before DeMoss dove to the bottom and edged past before a caution flew as Shoulders fell victim to front end trouble for the second time in three nights ending another great run prematurely.
On the restart, DeMoss held the point as Bumgardner tried for one last challenge. However, Bumgardner slammed the cushion in turn two and lost some ground as DeMoss flashed to the finish line for the victory in a Diamond Racecar sponsored by CiS Rubber Tracks, A+ Performance, Hoosier Drywall, B&W Auto Mart machine.

Carlos Bumgardner placed second ahead of Paul, James Tumey and Bradley Sterrett. McClara was sixth ahead of Craig Conyer, Michael Purtlebaugh, Shoulders and Boller.

In the bomber feature, C.J. Bryan started on the front row and made that spot stick to pick up the victory despite challenges from David Bumgardner. David Wallen and Dustin Shoulders battled for position behind them along with Ron Wallen Sr.

In the end it was Bryan claiming the win in a wild ending that included a collision between Marlin Burns and Richard Watkins that resulted in a demolished car and a fire. Burns was physically okay after the accident, but was obviously not happy with the outcome.
David Bumgardner was second ahead of David Wallen, Dustin Shoulders, Lloyd Walls, Ron Wallen Sr., Jordan Almanza, Kevin Kemp, Watkins and Dale Lewis.

Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint car feature
1. Russ Harper, 2. Bub Cummings, 3. Shane Hollingsworth, 4. Seth Parker, 5. Billy Puterbaugh, 6. Shawn Krockenberger, 7. Jason Holt, 8. Chris Babcock, 9. James Bradshaw, 10. Justin Marvel, 11. Jordan Kinser, 12. Dakota Jackson, 13. Todd Gnat, 14. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 15. A.J. Martin, 16. Daren Krockenberger, 17. Troy Link, 18. Jesse Cramer, 19. Tim Creech II, 20. Kenny Carmichael Jr.
B-main winner: Puterbaugh, Carmichael Jr.

UMP Modified feature
1. Clint DeMoss, 2. Carlos Bumgardner, 3. Paul Bumgardner, 4. James Tumey, 5. Bradley Sterrett, 6. Wes McClara, 7. Craig Conyer, 8. Michael Purtlebaugh, 9. Travis Shoulders, 10. Josh Boller, 11. Jacoby Hines, 12. Roger Mills, 13. Roger Cary, 14. Brian Hayden, 15. Chuck Haga, 16. Jimmy Hayden, 17. Jeff Jones, 18. Andy Bishop, 19. Ryan Thomas, 20. Dan Lewellen, 21. Brad Robinson B-main winner: Hines, Hayden

UMP Super Stock feature
“Summer Super Stock 30”
1. Danny Harris, 2. Brett Smedley, 3. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 4. Steve Peeden, 5. Slick Griffin, 6. Brad Cummings, 7. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 8. Paul Bumgardner, 9. Marty Cooper, 10. Steve Sheeks, 11. Doug McCullough, 12. Travis Todd, 13. Joe Starks, 14. Donnie Shoemaker, 15. Chris Hillman, 16. Matt Jordan, 17. Kris Starks, 18. Tony Anderson, 19. Justin Porter, 20. Jeremy Carpenter B-main winner: Carmichael Jr.
Fast qualifier: Hillman

Bomber feature
1. C.J. Bryan, 2. David Bumgardner, 3. David Wallen, 4. Dustin Shoulders, 5. Lloyd Walls, 6. Ron Wallen Sr., 7. Jordan Almanza, 8. Kevin Kemp, 9. Richard Watkins, 10. Dale Lewis, 11. Barry Hicks, 12. Marlin Burns, 13. Larry Shelley Jr., 14. Josh Presley, 15. Frank Cotton, 16. Kenny Treash, 17. Bob Farris, 18. Corey Gregory, 19. Dave Byrdwell, 20. Blake Cross B-main winner: Corey Gregory