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Action at the Capital of the Cushion!

Action at the Capital of the Cushion!

Saturday June 14th - NW Sprints, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Bombers, and 305 Racesaver Sprints


1968-1972 Kenny Farrand
1973-1980 Buck Arnold
1981-1996 Mike and V. Farrar
1997-2002 Bill and Marlene Hopton
2003-2009 Dave Allison
2009-Current Joe Spiker


Kenny Farrand built and owned Lincoln Park as a quarter mile facility.

Buck Arnold purchased the speedway and ran the race track through 1980.

1977 and 1978
Former owner Buck Arnold built the concrete grandstands on the west side of the facility.
From 1973-1978 races were run on Fridays and
Sundays, with Non- Wing Sprints, Limited Late Models, Thunder Cars, and Late
Models racing.


Mike and V. Farrar purchased LPS from Mr. Arnold and formed the facility basically into what is recognized by the fans when they come in today. The Farrar’s ran LPS through the 1996 race season.

LPS hosted Tractor Pulls and Spectator races.
The Farrar’s expanded the corner’s by 20 ft. and increased the overall length to a 5/16ths mile track.
The Friday/Sunday racing schedule was
changed to Saturday/Sunday.
Figure 8’s were run on Sunday evenings, and also in 1984 John Andretti won his first Sprint Car race of his career at any track.
A Late Model vs. Sprint Car Challenge was
run with Bob Kinser (Sprint Car) winning over Charlie Sentman (LM).
Was the last year for 2 nights with Saturday night becoming the regular weekly race night in 1987, except for special events.
Dave Darland won the Putnamville Clash in a borrowed car and uniform. 1987 also saw the introduction of the Modifieds replacing the Sportsman Class.
Lincoln Park continued to support Non-Wing Sprint
Car racing even as the trend was to go to the Winged-Sprints in the early
The Hut Hundred was conducted as LPS and Rich Vogler won for the 8th time, (a record).
Dave Darland won his 2nd straight Sprint Car Title, winning 9 of 16 events, (57%), Dirt Track Racing Workshop also started in 1991.
The pit area was expanded, and Bob Kinser won his 7th Sprint Car title at the age of 61.
Found LPS completing a full season with no rain outs, and the parking area was expanded to handle continued large counts of cars and fans.
The pits and backstretch grandstands were added, bringing LPS to todays conditions.


Lincoln Park Speedway was purchased by Bill and Marlene Hopton of Terre Haute,

The Annual 100 lapper returns to Lincoln Park for the Annual USAC Midget classic. As we race into the 2000 season, we find that Lincoln Park is still committed to racing Non-Wing Sprints on a regular weekly program along with the UMP Modifieds in 2000, to join our new class of Pro Stocks.

2003-July 3 2009

Lincoln Park Speedway was purchased by Dave Allison

All driveways were rocked.
Asphalt road added through pits.

July 3 2009-Current

Joe Spiker took over the track on a lease/purchase deal.

Billboards added north side of the track.
Billboards added along the east side of track.
Front stretch guardrail was replaced by concrete wall.
Indiana Sprint Week returned to Lincoln Park Speedway.
Campground spots were added in the north parking lot.
Billboards added along the south side of track.
New Pit sign-in building built.
New office built just north of the Pit Concession building..
Billboards added along the south side of track and continuing around turn 1 to the grandstands.
New caution lights installed in all turns.
Upgraded plumbing and electrical.
Improved track drainage.
Increased floor space of Pit sign-in building.
New fence and gate installed at pit entrance.
New main gate building and main entrance built.
Digital scales installed.
Lighted Tech area added.
Soft Serve ice cream added to the menu.

1968-1979 Lincoln Park Speedway

No information found.
1980 Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint Car Final Points

1 Ron Dorsett
2 Ricky Hood
3 Bob Kinser
4 Alan Barr
5 Andy Hillenburg
6 Bob Christian
7 Larry Goad
8 Larry Martin
9 Mike Johnson
10 Ed Angle
1981 Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint Car Final Points

1 Bob Kinser
2 Kelly Kinser
3 Chuck Amati
4 Randy Kinser
5 Ricky Hood
6 Ron Dorsett
7 Alan Barr
8 Mike Johnson
9 Ron Shuman
10 Bobby Black
1982 Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint Car Final Points

  1. Van Gurley 624
  2. Bob Kinser 362
  3. Greg Staab 342
  4. Terry Shepherd 285
  5. Tim Bookmiller 276
  6. Steve Butler 236
  7. Tom Goad 210
  8. Kelly Kinser 199
  9. Leon Thickstun 193
  10. Al Redman 166
    Late Models Final Points

  11. Steve Barnett 635

  12. Ray Godsey 582
  13. Noel Witcher 527
  14. Russ Petro 509
  15. Roger Absher 382
  16. Denny Bailey 237
  17. Larry Taylor 213
  18. Carl Collins 211
  19. Ira Bastian 206
  20. Charlie Reed 200
    Limited Late Models Final Points

  21. Steve Sutliff 1374

  22. Dan McCullough 1143
  23. Sonny Trosper 1006
  24. Denny Mace 939
  25. Brian Boller 827
  26. Ed Griffin 649
  27. David Dras 467
  28. Dale Dubois 440
  29. Bill Marvil 426
  30. Kyle Clearwater 421
    Thunder Cars Final Points

  31. Bill Pollitt 1081

  32. Kenny Carmichael 1075
  33. Mel Paul 969
  34. Russ Freeland 958
  35. Denny Campbell 838
  36. Dennis Brickert 750
  37. Mike Gibbs 678
  38. Breezy Bennett 622
  39. Rod Barker 559

June 25, 1982 – Lincoln Park Speedway (Tri-Track Championship) (59 cars)
Fast Qualifier: 65 Chuck Amati – 14.004 (New Track Record)
Heat Winners: 56 Kelly Kinser, 11 Ed Angle, 2x Kevin Thomas, 6 Tracy Potter
Consi Winners: 33b Dewayne Barker, 8 Larry Fritz
B-Main Winner: 44 Greg Staab
Feature: 1. 65 Chuck Amati, 2. 53 Bob Kinser, 3. 17 Mark Alderson, 4. 10 Bill
1983 Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint Car Standings

*1. Bob Kinser (6 feature wins)
*2. Brad Marvel (3 feature wins)
*3. Allen Barr (2 feature wins)
*4. Tim Bookmiller
*5. Mark Kinser
*6. Mickey Smith
*7. Jeff Donelson
*8. Bob Christian
*9. Morris Coffman
*10. Bill Marvel Jr.
*11. Kent Christian
*12. John Nicoson
*13. Dave Goodin
*14. Vic Angle

*Larry Martin (3 feature wins)
*Frank Hollingsworth (1 feature win)
*Terry Shepherd (1 feature win)
*Leon Thickston (1 feature win)

June 24, 1983 – Lincoln Park Speedway (Tri-Track Championship) (41 sprints)
Fast Qualifier: 75 Brad Marvel – 13.882
Heat Winners: 14 Mickey Smith, 22 Leon Thickstun, 79 Gary Fisher, 6x Mark Owsley
C-Main Winner: 20 Larry Martin
B-Main Winner: 19 Rodney Ritter
Feature: 1. 1 Sheldon Kinser, 2. 71 Mike Johnson, 3. 5 Randy Kinser, 4. 98 Steve
Butler, 5. 75 Brad Marvel, 6. 7k Terry
Shepherd, 7. 56s Kelly Kinser
1984 Lincoln Park Speedway
Sprint Car Standings

*1. Jeff Donelson (4 feature wins)
*2. Tim Bookmiller (1 feature win)
*3. Bob Kinser (2 feature wins)
*4. Van Gurley (1 feature win)
*5. Mark Owsley
*6. Paul Huntington (1 feature win)
*7. Al Redman
*8. Tom Chalk
*9. Kent Christian
*10. Bob Breneman
*11. John Nicoson
*12. Tom Fulton
*Other feature winners that did not qualify for the
points championship
*Randy Kinser – 4 feature wins
*John Andretti – 1 feature win
*Bobby Atkins – 1 feature win
*Gregg Stabb – 2 feature wins
*Rodney Ritter Jr. – 1 feature win
*Tony Elliott – 1 feature win
*Chuck Amati – 1 feature win
*Mark Cummins – 1 feature win
*USAC sprint car winners at LPS in 1984
*May 23 Chuck Amati
*July 18 Sheldon Kinser
1985 Lincoln Park Speedway

No information found.
1986 Lincoln Park Speedway

No information found.
1987 Lincoln Park Speedway

No information found.
1988 Lincoln Park Speedway

No information found.
1989 Lincoln Pa

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