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Sprints, Modifieds, Super Stocks, & Bombers 8/13

Sprints, Modifieds, Super Stocks, & Bombers 8/13

Don't miss the exciting action at the "Capital of the Cushion!"

Saturday Night August 13

Saturday Night August 13

Sprints, Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Bombers will provide the racing action!

Kyle Larson High Limit Open Presented by K1 Race W

Kyle Larson High Limit Open Presented by K1 Race W

Don't miss the chance to be apart of this inaugural race for the series on Tuesday, August 16th! Tickets on sale now at the Ticket Hoss App

Megan Cavaness Wins The Baily Hicks Memorial In A Stacked Field At LPS


Lincoln Park Speedway

Megan Cavaness Wins The Baily Hicks Memorial In A Stacked Field At LPS

The Baily HIcks Memorial is always a large field of Bombers and this year thanks to all the great sponsors and donations it was 2 grand to win at LPS. 27 Bombers entered the gates and it all started with single car qualifying for the Bombers. The 9mm of Andrew Pollock had the quickest time of 15.889. Following him was Josh Foxworthy(16.060),Devin Wallen(16.099), Megan Cavaness(16.108) and Jordan Almanza(16.130). The invert was a 4 for the bombers so the fast times started 4th in their heats. Heat race winners for the big show were Jordan Almanza, Josh Foxworthy, Jeremy Tate and Megan Cavaness. Cody Tate won the B main and the feature invert was a 2 so that put Josh Foxworthy and Jordan Almanza on the front row. The bombers had a driver intro on the track in front of the crowd and then they did a parade lap of 4 wide with the pole position open for Baily Hicks who we were honoring for 25 big laps. At the first intial start it was full of fireworks as the 9mm of Pollock got sideways going into 1 and it unfortantely Nik Davis got upside down on top of or laying on Jeremy Tate also. The 9MM and the 7T would be able to restart but Nik Davis had to be taken off with damage. On the 2nd restart the 38 of Josh Foxworthy was very strong on the start and he would take the early lead and hug to the bottom line hitting his marks and starting to add up the money as every lap had money involved also. Josh would start adding up the laps and by lap 10 things were starting to get interesting behind him. Devin Wallen had came from 15th to already up to 6th and Megan was battling with Jordan for 2nd and she got the middle groove to start working and would get the 2nd spot from Jordan and looked as if she was catching the 38 of Josh Foxworthy. Sure enough by lap 17 the points leader Megan was side by side going into turn 3 with Josh for the top spot and the 5c would take her first lead at lap 18. Megan ran the last 7 laps smoothly and took the huge win for the 2 grand prize plus the laps she led. Megan at the finish was followed by Josh Foxworthy, Jordan Almanza, Devin Wallen and Scott Tidwell. Congrats to Devin Wallen for picking up the hard charger passing 11 cars from 15th to 4th. Congrats to Megan Cavaness and the entire 5C team for the big win and definitely a lot of momentum going into the final 2 months of points racing in the quest for her 1st championship. Thanks to all the teams and everyone that was involved for making the Baily Hicks Memorial a great show again.
The Steel Blocks brought 15 entries and the 2 fast times were Billy WInsemann(13.959) and Troy Carey(13.159). The 2 heat race winners were Tony Helton and Tres Mehler. This setup the A main with an invert of 4 putting Michael Clark and Billy Winsemann on the front row. Like normal the top side was fast on the cushion and Michael Clark would take the early lead but Tres Mehler from Oblong, Illinois would jump to the curb and come from 3rd to take the lead and he was hard on the cushion the rest of the way to take the win. Following Tres at the finish it was Michael Clark, Tony Helton, Troy Carey and Willie Tackitt.
The 305 Wing Racesavers brought 15 entries with the fast times going to Jordan Welch(12.239) and Ryan Tusing(12.274). Ethan Barrow and Ryan Tusing would win the 2 heat races and the feature invert was 2 so the heat winners were on the front row. Ethan Barrow was definitely on a mission as he was very strong up on the cushion also like Tres Mehler was. Ethan would take another 305 win on the curb and held off a hard charging Bryce Norris, Bradley Sterrett, Ryan Tusing and Ivan Glotzbach. Thanks to all of the Steel Blocks and 305's that made for a good sprint night without the traditional 410 non wings because of Sprint Week,
The UMP Super Stocks had 18 entries and the 2 fast times were Wade Goodale(15.227) and Larry Raines(14.985). Heat race winners were Travis Heramb and Larry Raines. This setup the A main event with an invert of 3 which put Devin Wallen and Larry Raines on the front row. Larry took the early lead and looked as if the bottom groove was starting to show some speed . He would lead for the first part of the race but back from 4th Justin Massie was on the curb and got to 2nd real quick banging the top shelf. He then would take the lead from Larry and go on for a 3 in a row feature win. Following Justin at the checkers it was Larry Raines, Travis Heramb, Kenny Carmichael Sr. and Hayden Rodgers.
The UMP Hornets had 11 entries. Owen Cosman and Chad Nolte would take the 2 heats. The feature would also be a good battle but it was Owen Cosman and Jeremy Shemwell These 2 would swap the lead many times and put on a great show for the 400 to win Baily Hicks special. On the final 2 laps Jeremy Shemwell would take over and get the big win over Owen Cosman, Dale Hayes, Chad Nolte and Ryan Shepherd.
The UMP Mod class had 21 entries and it was super loaded with some the top in the nation to go against our top guys in the nation also. Fast times in the 3 groups were Jamie Lomax(14.176), Jeff Deckard(14.241) and Derek Losh(13.772). This setup the 3 heat winners and they were Jamie Lomax, Rob Brickert and Derek Losh. This setup the A main and it would be a classic. A great battle early with Rob Brickert taking the early lead over the 21L of Losh. Derek would then get the top side to fire again and would take over the top spot. Being 8th in the nation Derek is already into double digits for wins this year but this one would not come easy. As Derek was getting into lapped traffic on the final 5 laps Jamie Lomax had made it to 2nd and would try to capitalize with the lapped cars slowing Derek down. On the final lap as Derek was trying to get by a lapped car coming out of turn 4 he slowed some of his momentum and barely held on for the win in a photo finish with Jamie Lomax where you can see in the photo it was by a front bumper or less with a lapped car in between them also at the line. Following those 2 at the line was Rob Brickert, Matt Cooley and Tyler Loughmiller. Thanks so much to the 107 entries that came to LPS and put on a dandy of a show. Now it is time for 2 more of the big shows of the year. Thursday it is Indiana Sprint Week at LPS and Friday is at Bloomington Speedway. Make sure you don't miss these as they are usually full of some interesting story lines. Then next Saturday at LPS we will have 5 classes with UMP Mods, UMP Super Stocks, Bombers, Steel Blocks and Mod Lites. See you this week hopefully 3 times for all 3 great shows.

Submitted By: Jill Spiker

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