Lincoln Park Speedway

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Action at the Capital of the Cushion!

Action at the Capital of the Cushion!

Saturday June 14th - NW Sprints, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Bombers, and 305 Racesaver Sprints



Lincoln Park Speedway

Harley Burns Storms To The Checkers At LPS For A Great Victory

The 410 Non Wing heroes had 26 entries at LPS for the Saturday night battle. The fast times in their groups were Brent Beauchamp 13.534, Brandon Spencer 13.167 and Alec Sipes 13.075. The invert spin for the heats was a 1. Heat race 1 was won by Brent Beauchamp over Tye Mihocko and Brayden Fox. Heat race 2 was won by Harley Burns over Brandon Spencer and Donny Brackett. The final heat was won by Marion Clouser over Alec Sipes and Dickie Gaines. The final chance to get in the A during the B main was won by Rylan Gray over Mitch Wissmiller, Bryan Schroeter, Dave Gross and Kyle Johnson. Austin Cory was the winner of the 2nd feature at the end of the night. The feature spin invert was a 1 for the feature and that put Brent and Harley on the front row. Brent would take the early lead from Harley and looked strong in his 1st night at LPS for the new year. He would keep the lead for the first 10 laps but then it got very interesting. Harley was there ready to take the lead from Brent with any mistake at all and others were inches behind Harley. By lap 16 Harley took the top spot from Brent with Tye Mihocko and Alec Sipes battling for 3rd. For the next 3 laps Harley looked really good on the bottom and Tye Mihocko made it from 4th to 2nd when a yellow would come out. During the yellow on Lap 19 the skies opened up with a strong rain as the track was very greasy. Since we were only 6 laps from the end the checkers would be thrown because all the cars would have to leave the track and since we were over halfway we would declare it a completed race. Congrats to Harley Burns on the big win over Tye Mihocko, Alec Sipes, Brent Beauchamp and Marion Clouser. Thanks to all 26 teams that put on another outstanding show with a lot of passing through the field as Matt Mcdonald came from 15th to 6th and Jordan Kinser from 13th to 7th.

The UMP Mods had 22 entries and the fast times were Derek Losh 14.266, Derek Groomer 14.522 and Richie Lex 14.800. The invert spin for the heats was a 2. This didn’t slow all 3 down as each of them won their heats from the 2nd starting spot. This would setup the main event with a spin of a 4 which put Sydney Landes and Richie Lex on the front row. Sydney and Richie had a great battle early in the 20 lap A main. It was definitely a rough night for drive shafts. Derek Losh looked to be fast again and was moving to the front when he lost power in turn 1. Sure enough one of our great push truck drivers picked up his drive shaft in 2 pieces on the cushion of turn 1. Then on the restart Will Bennett a couple laps later lost power in turn 4 and pulled into the infield and the caution came out where his drive shaft was picked up on the cushion between turn 3 and 4. On the restart Richie and Sydney were still battling but it was the D48 of Derek Groomer that would take over the top spot and be able to hold off hard charging Jake Leitzman who came from 6th to 2nd for the win. Derek Groomer was followed at the finish by Jake Leitzman, Richie Lex, Sydney Landes and Jerry Bland Jr. It was the last tuneup for the Roddy Memorial at Bloomington and Derek looks to be ready along with others that come visit from out of state. Good luck to all of our favorite mods next Friday night!!!

The first night at LPS for the Racesaver 305 sprints had 23 entries. The fast times in their groups were Bryce Norris 12.936, Carson Dillion 13.044 and Jordan Welch 12.966. This setup the 3 heats and the invert spin was a 2. Ethan Barrow would win heat 1 and hold off Bryce Norris and Chris Miller. Heat race 2 was also won from the pole by Rod Henning over Jeff Wimmenauer and Carson Dillion. The final heat was won by Jordan Welch with a good battle holding off Alfred Galedrige Jr. and John Paynter Jr. This setup the A main and the invert spin was a 1. This put Ethan Barrow on the pole and he would be tough to beat from there. Ethan would get a strong start to the 20 lap A main and by lap 5 he was into lapped traffic. After he had already lapped 4 cars there was a red that came out for Alex Nalon in turn 2. Thankfully he was okay and the field was bunched up again for the restart. On the restart Jordan Welch had taken over the 2nd spot from Rod Henning and he was flying on the cushion. Ethan would build a lead though again until the 2nd red came out for a bad flip in turn 2 again for Chris Miller. Thankfully the Ohio driver was okay but it ended a good run close to the top 5. The final restart Ethan Barrow would be able to hold off the 23 car field and take the win over Jordan Welch, Jeff Wimmenauer, Bryce Norris and Rod Henning. Thanks goes to all the 305 teams for putting on an outstanding show for the 1st time at LPS in 2023.

The UMP Super Stock division had 14 entries and the fast times were Devin Wallen 15.439 and Travis Heramb 15.388. The invert spin for the heats was a 4 which put those 2 starting in the 4th spot. The track was very fast top and bottom and heat 1 was won by Larry Raines over Jordan Almanza and Wade Goodale. Heat race 2 was taken by Ryan Freeland over Matt Raber and Travis Heramb. This would setup the A main with an invert spin of a 1 so Larry and Ryan would be on the front row. This would be another great battle for 20 laps. Ryan Freeland would take the early lead but it would not be an easy task as Larry was right there with him and Larry was able to get the top side to work and would then take the lead from Ryan. Ryan then got the lead back but then it was a 3 car battle and about halfway thru coming off of turn 4 it was 3 wide as Ryan Freeland, Larry Raines and Wade Goodale were on the hunt for the top spot. Wade would get the low groove to really be the place to be and he passed Larry and Ryan to take another big win. Following Wade at the finish it was Ryan Freeland, Larry Raines, Devin Wallen and Jordan Almanza.

The Bomber class had 10 entries and the fast time for the class was put in by Megan Cavaness with a 16.124. The invert spin for the heat was a 1 so Megan started from the pole. Unfortunately she had a mechanical issue with the very fast 5C and had to pull off during the heat race. The heat race still had a very good battle with David Bumgardner taking the win over Joey Raber and Josh Foxworthy. The spin for the feature invert was a 2 which put Joey and David on the front row. Megan had to jump into her teammates car to start at the back of the feature. Even though Joey and David started on the front row it was real quick a 3 car battle with Josh Foxworthy in the mix and took over the lead. At one time around lap 6 or 7 they were 3 wide out of turn 4 putting on a great show for the fans. Josh took the lead and he built the lead with a very nice cushion ahead of 2nd by at least 6 car lengths. Josh Foxworthy would seal the deal and take the win over David Bumgardner, Corey Anstead, Joey Raber and David Wallen.

Don’t forget Friday night down at Bloomington Speedway we will have the Roddy Memorial UMP Gigantic Modified Race for 9,999 to win and a huge purse with some of the best in the business. Our tough Indiana guys though will show them also that it is very competitive in the UMP ranks around home also. Then next Saturday night at LPS we have the first Little Feet Challenge bicycle race along with our regular classes and the 305’s returning again. It is going to be an action packed weekend at both tracks full of action. Thanks again to all the teams and fans that came out for a great night at LPS.

Article Credit: Kenny Clark

Submitted By: Jill Spiker

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