Lincoln Park Speedway

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USAC INDIANA SPRINT WEEK starts at Lincoln Park Speedway Friday July 26!

Little Feet Bike Challenge Saturday July 20

Little Feet Bike Challenge Saturday July 20

Sprints, Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Bombers! Plus kids bike races!

Tye Mihocko Wins At LPS And Builds His Points Lead


Lincoln Park Speedway

Tye Mihocko Wins At LPS And Builds His Points Lead

The sprints had 18 entries and the 3 fast times went to Alec Sipes 13.202, Jadon Rogers 13.259 and Brandon Spencer 13.289. This setup the heats with an invert spin of 2. Heat race 1 Brian Hayden was able to hold off Alec Sipes and Kyle Johnson for the win. Heat race 2 had Tye Mihocko winning from the pole over Jadon Rogers and Brayden Fox. The final heat went to Jordan Kinser over Mitch Wissmiller and Brandon Spencer. This setup the A main with an invert of 3 that put Jordan Kinser and Tye Mihocko on the front row. The 24P after a rough night Thursday looked to redeem itself and get the win to pad the points lead. The 24P was a rocket early on the top cushion banging the curb taking the lead from Jordan Kinser. Tye would do a great job during the 25 laps race on not letting anybody close enough to throw a big slide job like we usually see. Tye was good on the top and bottom early. He hit his marks about perfect the final 10 laps and took the big win at the checkers. Following him at the finish it was Brian Hayden, Jadon Rogers, Brandon Mattox and Jordan Kinser rounding out the top 5. Another great show by our non wing heroes and we thank all of them for putting another dandy.
The UMP Super Stocks had 18 entries. The 3 fast times were put in by Larry Raines 15.5756, Matt Raber 15.647 and Wade Goodale 15.943. The wheel spin for the invert was a 4. Heat race 1 Larry Raines would win it from 4th over Travis Heramb and Tanner Chastain. Heat race 2 Ryan Freeland won from 5th over Matt Raber and Devin Wallen. The final heat was won by Tucker Chastain over Wade Goodale and Jordan Almanza. This setup the A main with a wheel invert spin of a 2 which put Ryan and Larry on the front row. Larry looked really strong early in the 20 lap A main. By lap 10 Larry was starting to see the end of the field and the lap cars were going to start being an issue. Tucker Chastain had made it to 2nd and he was hoping to get by Larry for the top spot. Tucker was very good right on the tires and he found a place to get by Larry on turn 4 low by the tires. Tucker would go on to win the race at LPS on his first appearance of the year. Following Tucker at the finish line it was Larry Raines, Wade Goodale, Ryan Freeland, Devin Wallen and Matt Raber.
The UMP mods had 11 entries and the fast times were put in by Scott Carrington 15.379 and Logan Mounce 14.965. The invert for the heats was a 2. Heat race 1 was won by Jerry Bland Jr. over Michael Fish and Tim Prince. Heat race 2 was won by Derek Losh over Matt Mitchell and Logan Mounce. This setup the A main with an invert of a 2 which put Derek Losh and Jerry Bland Jr. on the front row. Unfortunately front row 2nd starter Jerry Bland Jr. had a problem when rolling on to the track and he would have to get a push off the track. This gave the 2nd spot to Matt Mitchell so we were about to have another Rensselaer Indiana battle at LPS. Anytime Derek draws the pole anywhere in the Midwest it is going to be tough to challenge him. Matt was able to stay with him early running behind him. By the halfway point Derek Losh had started to really gain on his lead and put some distance between him and the rest of the field. The final 5 laps Derek was starting to get close to the back of the field. Derek didn't need to push it harder the final 3 laps to start passing the lapped cars. He looks again very tough and gets another big win at LPS which will help him start climbing up the national UMP points rankings for sure. Following Derek Losh at the finish it was Matt Mitchell, Tim Prince, Michael Fish and Tyler Loughmiller. Another great show by the UMP Mods for our LPS fans.
The Bomber Division had 11 entries also and the fast times went to Joey Raber 16.753 and Corey Anstead 16.608. This setup the heats with an invert of 4. Heat race 1 David Bumgardner held on for the win over Joey Raber, David Wallen and Cody Tate. Heat race 2 Corey Anstead won it from 4th over Megan Cavaness, Randy Foxworthy and Tyler Rodgers. This setup the A main and the wheel invert spin was a 4 which put Megan and Joey on the front row. Megan and Joey had an intense battle for the first 2 laps. Joey got the lead and looked very good on the bottom. David Bumgardner made a strong move coming from 4th to 2nd and he would try to chase the 121 of Joey Raber to make a move. He could not make that move and Joey Raber would get the win on lap 12 with a red flag because of a medical situation in the pits. All the drivers agreed to end their race in respect of the medical situation. Following Joey Raber at the finish it was David Bumgardner, Megan Cavaness, Corey Anstead and David Wallen. Thanks to all of the teams and the great fans for coming out Saturday night at LPS. Don't forget a big one next week with the Fast Freddy Classic!!!

Article Credit: Kenny Clark

Submitted By: Jill Spiker

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