Lincoln Park Speedway

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This Saturday May 25th

This Saturday May 25th

Visit the Capital of the Cushion! 410 NW sprints, modifieds, super stocks, bombers, and USAC Thunder Midgets!



Maverick Mayhem week kicks off at Lincoln Park Speedway on June 20, 2024 (Thursday)!

Jadon Rogers Wins On The Cushion At LPS Getting Ready For Indiana Sprint Week


Lincoln Park Speedway

Jadon Rogers Wins On The Cushion At LPS Getting Ready For Indiana Sprint Week

The Sprints had 27 entries in the final tuneup before Indiana Sprint Week at LPS which will be Thursday July 27th. The 3 fast times in their groups for the sprints were Jake Swanson 13.065, Harley Burns 12.791 and Brayden Fox 12. 871. The heat invert spin was a 1 which put the fast times on the pole. Heat race 1 Jake Swanson looked really strong in the 5T and won it over Jadon Rogers, Ivan Glotzbach, Seth Parker and Todd Moule. Heat race 2 Brandon Spencer would win it from the outside front row start over Mitch Wissmiller, Zack Pretorius, Harley Burns and Travis Millar. The final heat was won by Matt Mcdonald over Austin Nigh, Troy Carey, Bryar Schoreter and Adyn Schmidt. The final chance to get in the A was the semi and it was won by Daylan Chambers over John Ivers, Michael Clark, Josh Hodge and Chad Davenport. This setup the A main and the invert was a 5 which put Mitch Wissmiller and Jadon Rogers on the front row. Jadon headed early for the big cushion and took the lead. Jake Swanson who finished 2nd the night before to Beauchamp was headed to the front also as he had came from 5th to battle for 2nd. There was a lot of passing back in the middle of the pack as Zack Pretorius had came from 8th to 4th in a hurry and Seth Parker had came from 10th up to 5th just past the halfway point. Up front it was still Jadon Rogers in the lead but his lead had shrunk after he made contact with a lapped car and went over the backstretch cushion and had to come back on the track as Jake was within 2 car lengths by then. Jadon was able to regroup from the contact and did not let Jake get closer as we were wondering if Jake would get close enough to start the famous LPS slider fest. Jadon was very strong on the curb and didn't let his lead get in jeopardy after regrouping from the lapped car contact and he would pick up the big win just a week before Indiana Sprint Week starts. Jadon Rogers won it over Jake Swanson, Zack Pretourius from 8th, Seth Parker from 10th and Harley Burns from 11th. Thanks to all 27 teams who put on another great show at LPS.
The UMP Mods had 10 entries and the 2 fast times in their groups were Tyler Loughmiller 14.806 and Richie Lex 14.483. The heat race invert was a 2 and heat race 1 would be won by Tyler Loughmiller who held off Jake Leitzman and Nic Leitzman for the win. Heat race 2 had Matt Mitchell winning from the pole over Logan Mounce and Richie Lex. This setup the A main with an invert of 3 that put Jake Leitzman and Matt Mitchell on the front row. Matt and Jake would have a great battle early for the top spot. Matt Mitchell would be able to take the top spot from Jake Leitzman and he would look strong at the halfway point of the 20 lap A main. Matt Mitchell would hit his marks the final few laps and win his 2nd in a row at LPS. Following Matt Mitchell at the checkers it was Jake Leitzman, Logan Mounce, Tyler Loughmiller and Travis Shoulders.
The UMP Super Stocks had 21 entries and the 3 fast times were Reece Novak 15.407, Larry Raines 15.181 and Ray Walters 15.531. The heat invert spin was a 3 for the Supers. Heat race 1 Tucker Chastain won it from the pole and held off Reece Novak, Wade Goodale and Jack Roberts. Heat race 2 Larry Raines came from 3rd and won it over Blake Hull and JD Nash. The final heat was won by Justin Massie over Jordan Almanza and Travis Heramb. This setup the A main with an invert of 2 which put Larry Raines and Tucker Chastain on the front row. Tucker and Larry had a great battle early to start the 20 lap main event with some of the best Super Stocks in the Midwest. Tucker Chastain got it going on the bottom and took the lead while Larry was having a great battle on the top side while Reece Novak was battling on the bottom for the 2nd spot. In the middle of the pack we already had 2 drivers making up a lot of positions. Josh Litton the UMP points leader started 13th and Devin Wallen started 19th and they had both picked up 6 positions by the halfway point. Up front it was Tucker Chastain very strong on the bottom and he would hit his marks the final 5 laps and held on for the win. Following Tucker at the finish it was Reece Novak, Justin Massie, Wade Goodale and Josh Litton from 13th.
The Bombers had 16 entries and the 2 fast times in their groups were Corey Anstead 16.274 and Josh Foxworthy 16.188. The heat invert spin was the 4. Heat race 1 was won by Scott Tidwell from the pole over Tyler Rodgers, David Bumgardner II and Randy Foxworthy. Heat race 2 had David Wallen win it from the pole over Cameron Carrington, Josh Foxworthy and Joey Raber. The feature invert was spun a 3 which put Tyler Rodgers and David Wallen on the front row. It was a great battle early with 4 cars involved. By lap 5 mother nature started to drop some rain and it was about to get real interesting. One lap about halfway they were 3 wide coming out of turn 4 and the crowd was standing up because it was raining and the track action was getting super wild. Josh Foxworthy had came from 6th to battle for the lead. Josh would take the lead and once the 38 is in the lead even mother nature can't stop him. Josh was able to hold on for the win before the skies opened up and he finished ahead of Scott Tidwell who took 2nd away from Joey Raber on the final corner with David Bumgardner and Tyler Rodgers rounding out the top 5. Another great show at LPS and we thank all the teams and fans that came out for Little Feet Challenge 2. Next week we will have the 305's, UMP Mods, UMP Super Stocks and the 1,000 to win Bomber Special.

Submitted By: Jill Spiker

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